Gym Talk - September 28, 2006

Hi everyone and welcome back to the second edition of Gym Talk.  I'm Gabby Targosz and I am a freshman on the gymnastics team from Arizona.  We have now started our official practices as well as morning conditioning and weights.  The biggest adjustment for the freshman is the workouts being shorter then at club gymnastics.  Over these past five weeks we have learned to be prepared when we enter the gym to finish all of our assignments in the short amount of time we have.  Currently, we are working on all of our skills on each event and soon we will start putting mini routines together.  We finally started getting used to the equipment and surroundings of the gym.


The upper classmen on the team have been very welcoming inside and outside the gym.  They always make sure the freshman have a ride to weights and study hall and always invite us to the beach, dinner, or their apartments.  The experience of being a first-year student is extremely helpful being on the gymnastics team because coming here I already had 20 set friends that happen to be the nicest girls I have ever met.  Our first football game against Stanford was a huge success because it was sold out.  The Spartans beat Stanford in the second half by one point.  It was a very exciting game to watch.  Go Spartans!


After living here for only five weeks, everyone has become really close because of all the team bonding we have participated in.  For example, our whole team attended a volleyball game and a girl's soccer game to show our support for the Spartan Athletic teams.  The team bonding continues as we go on our retreat up North that has became a tradition at the beginning of each year to get to know everyone a little better.


We are all really excited for everything in store for us this year.  Be sure to check again for more news on the team.  GO SPARTANS!
-Gabby Targosz, Freshman



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