2012-13 Gym Talk: Cassie Harrison and Julia Greer

Hello, fellow Spartans!

This is Julia Greer and Cassie Harrison, the 2012-13 gymnastics team captains, here to update you on the progress of our team! We are currently going in to our third week of open gym, and we are working hard for our upcoming season.  The team is looking better each day as we continue to learn new skills and build a supportive and motivated team. Every week, we are setting new goals that will help us reach our major long term goals, established at our off-campus training. The team is highly motivated and excited to keep pushing ourselves and each other to reach our full potential. The upperclassmen are working hard to help the freshmen adjust to college life and help them feel as though they are a valuable member of the team. The freshmen are looking good and will be sure to add depth to our team this year!

This weekend was the first home football game and our first program-selling day of the season! Everyone was very excited to get out and support our fellow Spartans. It was a great experience for the team to witness such a great win over the Aggies, and we can't wait till we're in the gym showing everyone what we can do! We hope everyone can make it out to the next home game, and be sure to look out for the Spartan gymnasts on our quest to sell as many programs as we can!

Our team had off-campus training at Lake Tulloch, in Copperopolis, Calif. Every year, we have a tradition where each class performs a skit for the judges (also known as the coaches) who pick a winner. Last year's skit winner was the sophomore class, and they had a great skit, so Julia, Nicole (Robinson), and I wanted to show what the junior class has got and take the crown this year! The three of us practiced tirelessly, perfecting our routine and dances and put it to music (a mashup of Just The Two of Us, Call Me Maybe and We Are Family). We knew we had this competition in the bag! We totally nailed our skit and were feeling really good about it. Then it was the sophomore class' turn, and they did a really great job, as well! But in the end, the judges called for a tie-breaker between the sophomore and the junior class to take the number one spot. Despite our tremendous hard work, the sophomore class took the crown for the second year in a row, thanks to Tauny Shearer and her hilarious line in their skit. To check out the epic Skit Battle, head to the SJSU Gymnastics Facebook page and check it out!  

Being a team captain is a big responsibility, but we are up to the challenge! We plan to use our experience from our time here at San José State and lead our team to a successful season. Be sure to come check out our progress this preseason, and we hope to see you all soon! GO SPARTANS!