Gym Talk - September 5, 2006

Hi!  Welcome back to another exciting year of Spartan Gymnastics and this year’s first Gym Talk.  I’m Liz Major, a senior and co-captain of the gymnastics team.  In each Gym Talk, a different member of the team will be updating you on our training, team functions, and community keep checking back for the latest news!


The year is off to a great start so far.  The first week we were back, we had a parent/team dinner.  It was a great way for parents to meet each other and for all of us girls to get well acquainted. There are seven incoming freshmen this year so we have a lot of new faces!  School has been underway for about two weeks now.  I think everyone is getting adjusted to the day-to-day routine of classes, including the freshmen. 


This week we started our open gym, which is an opportunity for everyone to get used to the equipment, and work new skills before we start pushing on routines.  We also had a conditioning test so the coaches could evaluate our strengths and weaknesses so we know what to focus on this year.  Even after just one week of practice, I’m amazed at the amount of talent we have this year.  The freshman all look great, and the upperclassmen are continuing on the success from last year.


This week was the Spartan Squad kick-off ice cream social.  The Spartan Squad is a group of students who support our athletic teams.  They come to as many events as possible and cheer for the Spartans!  They are recognized by the bright yellow shirts they wear. We made sure the freshman learned the fight song, because we sang it in front of everybody!  It’s always nice to show school spirit.  Next weekend is the first home football game, so our fundraising begins with us selling programs.


We are all excited for our second season in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC).  We are no longer the newcomers and we have high goals for this season.  Thank you for your continued support.  We promise to make you proud this season!



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