2012-13 Gym Talk: Alyssa Kaschak

Howdy Spartan fans!

I'm Alyssa Kaschak (aka Texas); I am a freshman and moved here from Texas! Although leaving Texas was hard, I love it here in San Jose. I can tell you that I don't miss Texas' weather at all! San Jose's weather is perfect! It is absolutely gorgeous here! I joined the team during the summer, and was enrolled in classes for that time. Being in those classes really helped me, especially since I was homeschooled. I was able to get used to being in a classroom again. I must say, the adjustment to the team took no time at all. I was joining a team that was instantly accepting. They welcomed me right in. We became an instant family. Once summer school was finished, I got to go home for a week before the entire team was here.

On move in day, every teammate was there to greet the freshmen and help us move in. Talk about an awesome team! We just got back from our off campus training, where we grew closer as a team, working together to set goals, create a motto and just truly become one. We discussed for hours about an appropriate motto and we ended up choosing the best one of all. We will live this season by being ALL IN ALL WAYS. It's pretty perfect, if you ask me. This means everything to us, talking about how every single member of the team is committing to be all in, and we will be doing that in all ways. Every last way it takes to get there, we are willing to do it.  We also discussed goals such as making it to regionals again, having a top GPA, and winning the WAC. Since it will be our last year in that conference, we want to end it with a bang and let everybody know who exactly San Jose State is!

We just had our second open gym of the new school year and are getting adjusted again, working as a team, and bonding with one another. We are learning the ways of the team. I loved being up here for summer but I love it even more now that the entire team is here. School is starting to pick up and I am enjoying all my classes. Choosing San Jose State as my college was the best choice of my life, and I wouldn't change anything for the world. I have Spartan blood now, and will be a Spartan for life! GO SPARTANS!

Until next time,

Alyssa (Texas) Kaschak