A Graduation Story - Making Lives Better

Flipping and tumbling has been a part of her life for many years.  But now Tiffany Louie is ready to make people smile and help make lives better as she graduates from San Jose State.


Louie came to San Jose State excited to be able to compete on a collegiate team and to get her degree.  She competed for four seasons, finished her degree in five years and is grateful for every opportunity.


"Coming to San Jose State was scary and new at first but meant a lot to me since I was going to be a collegiate gymnast.  The highlight of my Spartan career came in my senior meet on the floor.  I dreamed about my final floor routine when I was younger, and I was able to go out in my final home meet and accomplish that routine."


Currently, Louie coaches at California Sports Center on Race Street.  She likes helping the children in Levels 2/3 and 4, but is ready to move on with a new chapter in her life.


"I love gymnastics, and it has taken a lot of my time during my life," said Louie.  "I am ready now to go see what else is out there for me to do."


Graduating with a degree in health science with a concentration in community health, Louie would like to be a wellness coach or work in the field of gerontology. 


"I love helping people and making them smile.  I want to make others lives better.  My entire college experience has helped me grown into the person I want to be.  I am ready to go wherever life takes me."


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