Women's Gymnasts Honored At Year-End Banquet

May 4, 2015

The 2015 San Jose State women's gymnastics team gathered Friday night for the team's annual end-of-the-year banquet.  Academic and athletic awards were handed out, and the team's seniors were honored -- Kiley Field, Cami Guyer, Gabrielle Kambur and Alyssa Montalban.

Academic awards were presented first.  Below are all the honors the team received throughout the year.

SJSU Honor Roll, Fall 2014 (3.0 gpa or higher):  Allison Bellingham, Amy Bellingham, Alice Bogdan, Mackenzie Douglas, Kiley Field, Hannah Gilbert, Cami Guyer, Maddie Herr, Jasmine Holmes, Gabrielle Kambur, Alyssa Kaschak, Adrianne Manseau, Erica Matos, McElle McCartney, Alyssa Montalban, Eri Tamada, Marissa Unpingco and Kaitlin Won



Academic All-MPSF:  Allison Bellingham, Amy Bellingham, Kiley Field, Hannah Gilbert, Cami Guyer, Gabrielle Kambur, Alyssa Kaschak, Marissa Unpingco, Alyssa Montalban

2014 NACGC/W Scholastic All-American:  Allison Bellingham, Kiley Field, Cami Guyer, Jasmine Holmes, Gabrielle Kambur, Alyssa Kaschak, Adrianne Manseau

SJSU Dean's Scholar:  Cami Guyer, Jasmine Holmes, Gabrielle Kambur, Adrianne Manseau

Jasmine Holmes and Gabrielle Kambur were named 2015 Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars.  This honor is give to undergraduate students of color for their athletic achievements and humanitarianism.

Below are the team awards and letter awards presented during the banquet.

Academic Excellence:  Adrianne Manseau

Team Spirit:  Alyssa Kaschak

Most Improved:  Rachel Heinl

Most Inspirational:  Gabrielle Kambur

Leadership:  Cami Guyer

Most Outstanding:  Kaitlin Won

Most Valuable:  Cami Guyer

Letter Awards

First year (letter jacket):  Allison Bellingham, Mackenzie Douglas, Maddie Herr, Gabrielle Kambur, Kaitlin Won

Second year (blanket):  Amy Bellingham, Rachel Heinl

Third year (plaque):  Hannah Gilbert, Alyssa Kaschak, Marissa Unpingco, Alyssa Montalban

Fourth year (ring):  Kiley Field, Cami Guyer.