Gymnasts Recognized At Banquet Sunday

The San Jose State women's gymnastics team and supporters gathered Sunday afternoon to honor the 2011 team's accomplishments and recognize the seniors - Shanice Howard, Katie Merritt and Lily Swann.


Listed below are all of the honors recognized at the banquet.

Academic Excellence - Shanice Howard

Team Spirit - Casey McCord

Most Improved - Holly Partridge

Most Inspirational - Victoria Lark

Leadership - Shanice Howard

Most Outstanding - Thomasina Wallace

Most Valuable - Thomasina Wallace

Arthur Ashe Jr., Sports Scholar Top Overall Women's Honoree - Shanice Howard

Arthur Ashe Jr., Sports Scholar - Shanice Howard, Katie Valleau

President's Scholar - Shanice Howard

Dean's Scholar - Shanice Howard, Lily Swann, Karlene Simon



First Year - Julia Greer Cassandra Harrison, Holly Partridge

Second Year - Casey McCord, Alyssa Telles-Nolan

Third Year - Aubrey Lee, Katie Valleau, Thomasina Wallace

Fourth Year - Shanice Howard, Katie Merritt Lily Swann