Katie's Korner - Final Edition

Hey everyone!


So my trip to NCAA Nationals is finally over.  I had a blast competing and just experiencing everything about it!


On Friday, the day of my competition, I was really nervous.  But knowing I had all of the Spartans supporting me really helped ease my nerves and calm me down. My warm-ups went extremely well, and I was just ready to compete and do my thing!


Unfortunately I had to wait awhile until my rotation. I competed my routine, and, while it was not my best, I tried very hard and had a great time.


The podium was awesome to compete on! All eyes were on me, especially since all of the other events and rotations were finished at that time. I got a 9.725, a respectable score at nationals, and I hope I made San Jose State proud.


The next few days, we spent watching the Super Six finals and the individual finals. It was truly amazing to see the best of the best compete with such intensity. Alabama was rightfully announced Champion with UCLA not far behind.


This whole experience was awesome, I learned a lot and was able to bring back a lot of knowledge to me team back home.


I wanted to say thank you for all of the support! I received videos from a couple teams, emails, articles and phone calls from a lot of people. It really meant a lot to be representing San Jose State!


Hopefully I'll be back at nationals next year!


Katie Valleau