Katie's Korner - Getting Ready

Katie will give us her thoughts everyday as she prepares for the 2011 National Collegiate Women's Gymnastics Championships in Cleveland.  Katie will perform on the floor during the third rotation of the second session this Friday.  The session begins at 6 p.m. Eastern/3 p.m. Pacific.  A live video feed will be available through NCAA.com.


Hey Spartan Fans!

My name is Katie Valleau. and I'm a junior on the gymnastics team.  I'll be blogging about my trip to Cleveland, Ohio, for the NCAA Nationals that I qualified for on the floor exercise. 


As of right now, I think the reality of qualifying and going to Nationals is finally sinking in. I am so excited to be competing for San Jose State at Nationals, and I cannot wait for Wednesday to come so it can all get started.These past couple of days have been pretty hectic, going over schedules, interviews, packing and of course training.


Right now Coach Wayne Wright and I have really been focusing on perfecting my routine. In the gym I've been taking sections of my routine and working out every kink before the big day. Fortunately, I have amazing teammates, that even though they are not required to come in and train, they have been there everyday to train along side of me and support me.


I'm really trying to relax my nerves and turn them into excitement. Just one more day in San Jose, then Cleveland here I come!