Gym Talk from Seattle - Thomasina Wallace

Dear Spartan Gymnastic Fans,

The Spartan gymnastics team woke up at 7 a.m. this morning to get ready for our big adventure in Seattle, Washington, for our NCAA Regional competition.  Meeting at athletic department to go off to the airport, we decided to play a joke on Wayne because he was late for his five-minute rule. We all decided to load up the vans and ride around the corner to make it seem like we left without Wayne. Too bad as we were pulling out, Wayne pulled up ruining our plan. It was still quite funny because Wayne looked at us in confusion as we pulled out of the driveway. 

Traveling with this team is a comedy show.  We all bring personality that makes being on this team to never have a dull moment.  We actually got to share a plane with a baseball team from Santa Cruz on their way to Vancouver.

As we got situated and ready to get lunch, our sub-lady was not too friendly.  Pam our sub-lady thought we were unappreciative of her making our subs and got some hostility with us when she was making our subs.  Pam was not a happy camper taking 18 orders of subs with her co-worker.

After dealing with the angry sub-lady, we got situated in our hotel. After we got done with eating our subs, we all had a long day and decided to take a nap from waking up early and flying. While eating dinner at Red Robin, a couple of us got to take some French fries to feed the birds.  Taking a picture with Red Robin ended our dinner off right. Finishing our day off with some dessert from one of our teammate’s mom it was the icing on the cake. Getting ready for our practice tomorrow and our meet on Saturday, the team is excited to do our best and have fun.

Thomasina Wallace