Gym Talk - March 17, 2006

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to another edition of Gym Talk.  I’m Liz Major, a junior and tri-captain of this year’s team.  With the season nearing its end, we are focusing on increased difficulty in routines, and consistency.  Last weekend we had our “Senior Meet,” a chance for our five seniors to show their skills for the last time in Spartan Gym.  We had some great performances, and beat Sacramento State, who if you don’t know, is one of our biggest rivals.  In addition, our team total of 193.55 was our highest score of the season!  Each meet is important, as we are fighting to earn a spot in the NCAA Regional competition as a team.  


As for myself, I have taken on a spectator role this year due to a pre-season injury.  It’s hard to watch and not be competing, but I do my part by offering advice, and cheering on my teammates.  Recently I have started swinging on some bars again, and am doing a little more everyday.  I’m looking forward to being able to compete again, and help the team in a more physical sense. 


The next two weekends we are on the road, first at Cal on Friday, and then at the WAC championships in Logan, Utah.  Keep checking back to see how our season ends up!  Thank you for continuing to support Spartan Gymnastics.  We hope to see you next year!


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