Five Spartan Women's Gymnasts Receive 10 All-MPSF Honors

March 16, 2017

Woodland, Calif.—The Mountain Pacific Sports Federation announced the 2017 Women’s Gymnastics All-MPSF honors on Thursday.  Five San José State women’s gymnasts received 10 All-MPSF recognitions, based on each gymnasts regional qualifying score as of March 12.

Junior Kaitlin Won received five honors – first team on bars, beam, floor and in the all-around and second team on vault.

Freshman Taylor Chan received first team honors on vault and floor, while senior Rachel Heinl was a first team honoree on bars. Freshman Chelsey Andrada was a first team recipient on beam.

Ellie Pascoe-Long was named to the second team on floor, her second consecutive honor.

The 2017 MPSF Championships are this Saturday, March 18, at The Event Center beginning at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for youth and $5 for San José State students with a valid Tower Card. Tickets can be purchased the day of the meet at The Event Center Box Office.





Gymnast Year RQS School

Alexis Brown Junior 9.825 UC Davis

Ariana Harger Junior 9.805 Seattle Pacific

Julia Konner Senior 9.785 Sacramento State

Caitlin Soliwoda Junior 9.785 Sacramento State

Katy Nogaki Senior 9.780 UC Davis

Taylor Chan Freshman 9.775 San José State


Yonnie Michovska Senior 9.825 UC Davis

Lauren Rice Junior 9.820 Sacramento State

Kaitlin Won Junior 9.805 San José State

Alexis Brown Junior 9.800 UC Davis

Sarah Liddle Freshman 9.800 UC Davis

Rachel Heinl Senior 9.800 San José State


Alexis Brown Junior 9.840 UC Davis

Courtney Soliwoda Junior 9.790 Sacramento State

Kara Witgen Senior 9.785 Air Force

Kaitlin Won Junior 9.780 San José State

Riley Hill Sophomore 9.775 Air Force

Chelsey Andrada Freshman 9.770 San José State


Taylor Chan Freshman 9.875 San José State

Ariana Harger Junior 9.860 Seattle Pacific

Kaitlin Won Junior 9.825 San José State

Yasmine Yektaparast Sophomore 9.820 UC Davis

Casey Bell Junior 9.820 Air Force

Jennifer Brenner Junior 9.815 Sacramento State

Caitlin Soliwoda Junior 9.815 Sacramento State

Kara Jones Sophomore 9.815 UC Davis

Alexis Brown Junior 9.815 UC Davis


Caitlin Soliwoda Junior 39.100 Sacramento State

Alexis Brown Junior 39.050 UC Davis

Kaitlin Won Junior 38.865 San José State

Kara Witgen Senior 38.700 Air Force

Ariana Harger Sophomore 38.115 Seattle Pacific

Mariana Murphy Sophomore 38.100 Air Force



Darian Burns Freshman 9.770 Seattle Pacific

Kara Witgen Senior 9.745 Air Force

Alexis Belkoff Freshman 9.745 Sacramento State

Kaitlin Won Junior 9.745 San José State

Kara Jones Sophomore 9.740 UC Davis

Morgan Ross Junior 9.655 Alaska-Anchorage


Caitlin Soliwoda Junior 9.790 Sacramento State

Courtney Soliwoda Junior 9.780 Sacramento State

Rachel Kreager Senior 9.780 UC Davis

Anna Salamone Freshman 9.730 Air Force

Nicole Larkin Senior 9.655 Alaska-Anchorage

Breanna Beltran Senior 9.640 Seattle Pacific


Lauren Rice Junior 9.765 Sacramento State

Yasmine Yektaparast Sophomore 9.760 UC Davis

Caitlin Soliwoda Junior 9.755 Sacramento State

Miyuki Matsune Freshman 9.745 Seattle Pacific

Rachel Kreager Senior 9.735 UC Davis

Kaylin Mancari Sophomore 9.610 Alaska-Anchorage


Amanda Presswood Junior 9.800 UC Davis

Ellie Pascoe-Long Sophomore 9.790 San José State

Miranda Holder Junior 9.790 UC Davis

Morgan Ross Junior 9.755 Alaska-Anchorage


Madeleine Arbuckle Junior 37.995 Alaska-Anchorage

Morgan Ross Junior 37.575 Alaska-Anchorage

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