Gymnastics Sweeps Titles Again

Fullerton, Calif.-Spartan gymnasts Lily Swann and Thomasina Wallace won all four event titles and the all-around title Friday night as San Jose State won at Cal State Fullerton, 194.550-190.550 at Titan Gym.

Swann won the vault with a 9.800, the beam with a 9.750 and the all-around at 39.075.  Wallace won the bars with a 9.850 and the floor with a 9.875.

"Lily and Thomi did well for us tonight," said Spartan head coach Wayne Wright.  "Lily did a great job and showed what she is capable of doing.  Thomi did great on three of her four events with her fall on beam.  She was really excited to perform in front of many family and friends."

The Spartan started on the bars Friday against the Titans and jumped out to an early lead with a 48.700.  After Wallace's 9.850, Shanice Howard, Lily Swann and Alyssa Telles-Nolan all scored a 9.725.  Katie Merritt added a 9.675, while Cassandra Harrison rounded out the scoring wit ha 9.625.

San Jose State then scored a 48.650 on vault.  Swann had her 9.800, but was closely followed by Howard and Merritt at 9.775.  Harrison had a 9.675, Wallace at 9.625 and Aubrey Lee at 9.600.

On the team's best event of the night, the Spartan floor team scored a 48.750.  Wallace had a 9.875, while Swann added a 9.800.  Katie Valleau scored a 9.750, followed by Julia Greer at 9.675 and Lee and Casey McCord at 9.650.

The Spartan beam team rounded out the night with a 48.450.  Swann won the event with her 9.750, followed by Lee and Merritt at 9.700.  Greer had a 9.675, and Holly Partridge scored a 9.625.  Wallace rounded out the scoring with a 9.200.

"I am really proud of my team and especially the beam team tonight," said Wright.  "After Thomi's fall on beam, the rest of the team kept their composure and finished the meet strong for us tonight.  This was a good meet for us, and we did a great job of doing what we need to do."

The Spartans now prepare for the 2011 Western Athletic Conference Championships next Saturday, March 19, inside The Event Center.  The meet begins at 6 p.m.  Tickets are available at the Spartan Athletics Ticket Office at (408) 924-SJTX (9589) or at the door the day of the meet.   

Women's Gymnastics Meet Results

vs. San Jose State

Host: Cal State Fullerton
Date: March 11, 2011
Location: Titan Gym - Fullerton, CA
Venue: Home Meet
Contents:Event ResultsTeam Results
  Vault Team Standing
  Uneven Parallel Bars Cal State Fullerton
  Balance Beam San Jose State
  Floor Exercise Judge List
Team Standing  (Top)
Place TeamScore 
1  San Jose State 194.550 
2  Cal State Fullerton 190.550 
Cal State Fullerton  (Top)
Head Coach:  Jill Hicks
 GymnastVault Bars Beam Floor AllArr 
 Alaina Baker 9.725 9.775 9.475 9.825 38.800
 Shelly Cooper 9.625 9.400 9.550 9.775 38.350
 Megan Farris       9.475  
 Katrina Hinken   9.100 9.500    
 Leah Housman     9.350    
 Taryn Huibsch 9.375        
 Taylor Kearns   9.700      
 Vanessa Klass 9.600   9.325    
 Mika Medina       9.475  
 Alicia Meyer       9.475  
 Kayla Pumphrey 9.475     9.500  
 Katie Renecker     9.675    
 Larah Robertson   9.175      
 Sasha Trofimova   8.825      
 Team Totals 47.800  47.150  47.550  48.050  190.550
San Jose State  (Top)
Head Coach:  Wayne Wright
 GymnastVault Bars Beam Floor AllArr 
 Julia Greer     9.675 9.675  
 Cassandra Harrison 9.675 9.625      
 Shanice Howard 9.775 9.725      
 Aubrey Lee 9.600   9.700 9.650  
 Casey McCord       9.650  
 Katie Merritt 9.775 9.675 9.700    
 Holly Partridge     9.625    
 Lily Swann 9.800 9.725 9.750 9.800 39.075
 Alyssa Telles-Nolan   9.725      
 Katie Valleau       9.750  
 Thomasina Wallace 9.625 9.850 9.200 9.875 38.550
 Team Totals 48.650  48.700  48.450  48.750  194.550
Vault Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Lily Swann  San Jose State 9.800 
2  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.775 
2  Shanice Howard  San Jose State 9.775 
4  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 9.725 
5  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State 9.675 
6  Shelly Cooper  Cal State Fullerton 9.625 
6  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.625 
8  Vanessa Klass  Cal State Fullerton 9.600 
8  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State 9.600 
10  Kayla Pumphrey  Cal State Fullerton 9.475 
11  Taryn Huibsch  Cal State Fullerton 9.375 
Uneven Parallel Bars Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.850 
2  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 9.775 
3  Shanice Howard  San Jose State 9.725 
3  Lily Swann  San Jose State 9.725 
3  Alyssa Telles-Nolan  San Jose State 9.725 
6  Taylor Kearns  Cal State Fullerton 9.700 
7  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.675 
8  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State 9.625 
9  Shelly Cooper  Cal State Fullerton 9.400 
10  Larah Robertson  Cal State Fullerton 9.175 
11  Katrina Hinken  Cal State Fullerton 9.100 
12  Sasha Trofimova  Cal State Fullerton 8.825 
Balance Beam Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Lily Swann  San Jose State 9.750 
2  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State 9.700 
2  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.700 
4  Katie Renecker  Cal State Fullerton 9.675 
4  Julia Greer  San Jose State 9.675 
6  Holly Partridge  San Jose State 9.625 
7  Shelly Cooper  Cal State Fullerton 9.550 
8  Katrina Hinken  Cal State Fullerton 9.500 
9  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 9.475 
10  Leah Housman  Cal State Fullerton 9.350 
11  Vanessa Klass  Cal State Fullerton 9.325 
12  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.200 
Floor Exercise Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.875 
2  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 9.825 
3  Lily Swann  San Jose State 9.800 
4  Shelly Cooper  Cal State Fullerton 9.775 
5  Katie Valleau  San Jose State 9.750 
6  Julia Greer  San Jose State 9.675 
7  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State 9.650 
7  Casey McCord  San Jose State 9.650 
9  Kayla Pumphrey  Cal State Fullerton 9.500 
10  Alicia Meyer  Cal State Fullerton 9.475 
10  Mika Medina  Cal State Fullerton 9.475 
10  Megan Farris  Cal State Fullerton 9.475 
All Around Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Lily Swann  San Jose State 39.075 
2  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 38.800 
3  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 38.550 
4  Shelly Cooper  Cal State Fullerton 38.350 
Meet Judges  (Top)
 Event Number Name Rating
 Vault  Judge 1  Dianne Robinson  National
   Judge 2  Diana Lattimore  National
 Bars  Judge 1  Jeri Foley  National
   Judge 2  Peggy Gillette  National
 Beam  Judge 1  Jeri Foley  National
   Judge 2  Diana Lattimore  National
 Floor  Judge 1  Dianne Robinson  National
   Judge 2  Peggy Gillette  National
 PLEASE NOTE: All scores are unofficial until verified at end of meet. For questions regarding the meet results, please contact the host institution.
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