Porte Wins All-Around, Spartans Victorious In Final Home Meet

San JoseVeronica Porte made her final meet at Spartan Gym memorable by winning the all-around, and San Jose State won for the 14th time this season with a 194.150-191.150 victory over Utah State Sunday afternoon.

Porte won the all-around with a 38.625 and placed second on the floor with a 9.850.  She was third on vault with a 9.725 and added a 9.725 on bars and a 9.325 on beam.

San Jose State won three of the four individual events on Sunday.  Lily Swann started the Spartans off by winning the vault with a 9.800.  Thomasina Wallace won the beam with a 9.775 and the floor with a 9.900.

On senior day, Alise Blackwell and Renae Moneymaker also had outstanding performances for their final home meet.  Blackwell placed second in all three events she competed - vault with a 9.750, bars with a 9.825 and beam with a 9.700.  Moneymaker tied for third on bars with a 9.750 in her only event of the day.

San Jose State led the meet from the first rotation with a 48.550 on vault, while Utah State had a 48.100 on bars.  Swann led the team with the 9.800, with Blackwell at 9.750 and Porte at 9.725.  Katie Merritt added a 9.700, while Howard had a 9.575.  Wallace finished the scoring with a 9.225.

The Spartans expanded the lead after two rotations with a 48.800 on bars and a 97.350 total, while Utah State had a 47.725 on vault and a 95.825.  All five counting scores for San Jose State were 9.750 or higher Blackwell at 9.825, Moneymaker, Jessica Khoshnood and Tiffany Louie each had 9.750 and Porte added a 9.725.  Wallace scored a 9.550.

On beam, the Spartans had to count a fall in the team score of 47.650.  Wallace won the event with a 9.775, followed by Blackwell at 9.700 and Aubrey Lee at 9.625.  Porte scored a 9.325, then Swann at 9.225 and Merritt at 9.100.  Utah State narrowed the Spartan lead to just 145.000-144.150.

In the final rotation, San Jose State recorded its best score of the season and the fifth-best in school history with a 49.150.  All six Spartan scores were 9.775 or higher Wallace a 9.900, Porte at 9.850, Howard, Gabrielle Targosz and Katie Valleau each with 9.800 and Khoshnood at 9.775.

The Spartans conclude the regular season with a 14-1 record and the best record in school history.  The seven 194.000 or higher scores are also the most in a single season for San Jose State.

San Jose State next competes at the Western Athletic Conference Championships on Saturday, March 21, at Sacramento State.  The meet begins at 6 p.m., in the Hornets Nest.

Team Scores
1.  San Jose State 194.150
2.  Utah State  191.150

1.  Lily Swann, San Jose State 9.800
2.  Alise Blackwell, San Jose State 9.750
3.  Veronica Porte, San Jose State 9.725

1.  Nicole Simoneau, Utah State  9.850
2.  Alise Blackwell, San Jose State  9.825
3.  Jessica Khoshnood, San Jose State 9.750
     Tiffany Louie, San Jose State  9.750
     Renae Moneymaker, San Jose State 9.750

1.  Thomasina Wallace, San Jose State 9.775
2.  Alise Blackwell, San Jose State  9.700
3.  Aubrey Lee, San Jose State  9.625

1.  Thomasina Wallace, San Jose State 9.900 
2.  Veronica Porte, San Jose State  9.850
3.  Nikki Felley, Utah State   9.825

1.  Veronica Porte, San Jose State  38.625
2.  Thomasina Wallace, San Jose State 38.450
3.  Rebecca Holliday, Utah State  37.850

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