Bigelow Wins Beam With Career-Best At Utah State

Logan, UtahSpartan women’s gymnast Leah Bigelow won the beam with a career-best 9.850 and the beam team scored a season-best 48.550.  However, a strong final rotation by Utah State on the floor gave the Aggies a 194.450-194.125 win over the San Jose State women’s gymnastics team Friday night at the Dee Glen Spectrum.

San Jose State and Utah State were tied at 48.525 after the first rotation. The Spartans opened the meet on the bars.  Alise Blackwell led the team with a 9.800, while Veronica Porte received a 9.725.  Renae Moneymaker scored a 9.700, followed by Michelle Minotti with a 9.675.  Jessica Khoshnood and Katie Merritt each had a 9.625.

For the second rotation, San Jose State moved to the vault scored a 48.525 again.  Raylyn Cardeno tied for first on the vault with a 9.825, the seventh consecutive meet she has scored a 9.800 or better.  Shanice Howard added a 9.800, while Porte scored a 9.700.  Moneymaker had a 9.650, while Lily Swann scored a 9.550.  Minotti rounded out the scoring with a 9.500.  After the second rotation, Utah State had a 97.275-97.050 lead over San Jose State.

The Spartans then found themselves on the floor for the third rotation.  Howard led the Spartans with a 9.800, while Emily Stebbins and Porte each scored a 9.725.  Casey Jay received a 9.725, while Swann had a 9.600.  Tiffany Louie contributed an 8.975.  San Jose State scored a 48.550 on the floor and took a 145.600-145.400 lead into the final rotation after the Aggies scored a 48.125 on the beam.

San Jose State competed on the beam in the final rotation for the second consecutive week.  Bigelow scored her career-high 9.850 to win the apparatus.  Minotti added a season-best 9.825, while Porte scored a 9.800.  Kelli Fournier received a 9.550, while Blackwell had a 9.500.  Stebbins added a 9.150.  The Spartans team beam score of 48.525 is a season-best.  However, a 49.050 by the Aggie floor team gave Utah State the win.

“I felt really good tonight on beam,” said Bigelow.  “I knew I had to hit my routine and just went out and did it.  There was a little pressure on us because the scores were so close, but we have finished on beam the past two meet and that did not bother us.  We worked hard for a good score that now counts towards our regional qualifying score (RQS) and didn’t give up tonight.”

Porte finished second in the all-around with a 38.950, as the only Spartan to compete on all four apparatus Friday night.

“We had a good road score tonight,” said San Jose State head coach Wayne Wright.  “We never gave up trying to do our very best.  We may have lost, but this good score for us will help us move forward with our progress this season.”

San Jose State next competes at California next Sunday, March 16, against the Golden Bears, CS Fullerton and UC Davis.  The meet begins at 2 p.m.

Team Standings Top
Place  Team Score 
1  Utah State University 194.450 
2  San Jose State 194.125 


Utah State University
Head Coach:  Ray Corn Top
 Gymnast Vault  Bars  Beam  Floor  AllArr 
 Lyndsie Boone 9.550  9.675  9.600  9.800  38.625 
 Jackie Dillon 9.775      9.650   
 Nicki Felley 9.650  9.725  9.600  9.725  38.700 
 Heather Heinrich 9.700  9.750  9.700  9.850  39.000 
 Chelsea Marquardt   9.750       
 Jasmine Minion 9.825    9.600  9.850   
 Katie Omann 9.575  9.575  9.550     
 Nicole Simoneau   9.850       
 Megan Tschida     9.625  9.825   
 Team Totals 48.525  48.750  48.125  49.050  194.450 


San Jose State
Head Coach:  Wayne Wright Top
 Gymnast Vault  Bars  Beam  Floor  AllArr 
 Raylyn Cardeno 9.825         
 Kelli Fournier     9.550     
 Casey Jay       9.700   
 Lilly Swann 9.550      9.600   
 Emily Stebbins     9.150  9.725   
 Veronica Porte 9.700  9.725  9.800  9.725  38.950 
 Jessica Khoshnood   9.625       
 Tiffany Louie       8.975   
 Katie Merritt   9.625       
 Leah Bigelow     9.850     
 Shanice Howard 9.800      9.800   
 Alise Blackwell   9.800  9.500     
 Renae Moneymaker 9.650  9.700       
 Michelle Minotti 9.500  9.675  9.825     
 Team Totals 48.525  48.525  48.525  48.550  194.125 


Vault Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Jasmine Minion  Utah State University 9.825 
1  Raylyn Cardeno  San Jose State 9.825 
3  Shanice Howard  San Jose State 9.800 
4  Jackie Dillon  Utah State University 9.775 
5  Heather Heinrich  Utah State University 9.700 
5  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 9.700 
7  Nicki Felley  Utah State University 9.650 
7  Renae Moneymaker  San Jose State 9.650 
9  Katie Omann  Utah State University 9.575 
10  Lyndsie Boone  Utah State University 9.550 
10  Lilly Swann  San Jose State 9.550 
12  Michelle Minotti  San Jose State 9.500 


Uneven Parallel Bars Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Nicole Simoneau  Utah State University 9.850 
2  Alise Blackwell  San Jose State 9.800 
3  Heather Heinrich  Utah State University 9.750 
3  Chelsea Marquardt  Utah State University 9.750 
5  Nicki Felley  Utah State University 9.725 
5  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 9.725 
7  Renae Moneymaker  San Jose State 9.700 
8  Lyndsie Boone  Utah State University 9.675 
8  Michelle Minotti  San Jose State 9.675 
10  Jessica Khoshnood  San Jose State 9.625 
10  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.625 
12  Katie Omann  Utah State University 9.575 


Balance Beam Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Leah Bigelow  San Jose State 9.850 
2  Michelle Minotti  San Jose State 9.825 
3  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 9.800 
4  Heather Heinrich  Utah State University 9.700 
5  Megan Tschida  Utah State University 9.625 
6  Nicki Felley  Utah State University 9.600 
6  Lyndsie Boone  Utah State University 9.600 
6  Jasmine Minion  Utah State University 9.600 
9  Katie Omann  Utah State University 9.550 
9  Kelli Fournier  San Jose State 9.550 
11  Alise Blackwell  San Jose State 9.500 
12  Emily Stebbins  San Jose State 9.150 


Floor Exercise Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Heather Heinrich  Utah State University 9.850 
1  Jasmine Minion  Utah State University 9.850 
3  Megan Tschida  Utah State University 9.825 
4  Lyndsie Boone  Utah State University 9.800 
4  Shanice Howard  San Jose State 9.800 
6  Nicki Felley  Utah State University 9.725 
6  Emily Stebbins  San Jose State 9.725 
6  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 9.725 
9  Casey Jay  San Jose State 9.700 
10  Jackie Dillon  Utah State University 9.650 
11  Lilly Swann  San Jose State 9.600 
12  Tiffany Louie  San Jose State 8.975 


All Around Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Heather Heinrich  Utah State University 39.000 
2  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 38.950 
3  Nicki Felley  Utah State University 38.700 
4  Lyndsie Boone  Utah State University 38.625