Women's Gymnastics Scores Season High 193.850

Sacramento, Calif.-Spartan gymnast Thomasina Wallace won two events and the all-around, and the San Jose State women's gymnastics team scored a season-best 193.850 Friday night in a meet at Sacramento State.  The Hornets won the meet with a 194.225.

Wallace won the bars with a 9.825 and the floor with a season-high 9.850.  She also scored her first 39.000-plus score in the all-around this season with a 39.075.Wallace added a 9.600 on vault and a 9.800 on beam.

San Jose State started the meet on bars and had to count a fall in the team's 47.725.  Wallace led the team with her 9.825, followed by Katie Merritt at 9.700, Jessica Khosnood at 9.650 and Tiffany Louie at 9.600.  Lily Swann had an 8.950, while Alyssa Telles-Nolan had an 8.050.

The team then rotated to vault to score a season-best 48.500.  Merritt won her first career vault title with a career-best 9.800.  Lily Swann finished second with a 9.775.  The Spartans scored its best vault team score of the year with a 48.500.  Aubrey Lee had a career-best 9.675, followed by Katie Valleau's career-best 9.625.  Shanice Howard vaulted for the first time this season and had a 9.625.

"This was my first time winning the vault and only the second time to win an event in three years (last week on the bars,)" said Merritt.  "After we had a fall on bars, we got together and knew we could do better.  This was very exciting because I did the best vault I have ever done in practice or a meet."

The third rotation found San Jose State on the floor scoring a 48.875.  Wallace led the team again with a season-high 9.825.  Gabrielle Targosz scored a 9.825, followed by Valleau's 9.800.  Khoshnood and Louie each scored a 9.700, while Swann had a 9.675.

After falling five times last week on beam, the Spartans rebounded this week with the 12th highest score in school history at 48.750.  Wallace led the team with a 9.800, followed by Shanice Howard with her second straight career-best of 9.775.  Targosz scored a career-best 9.750, followed by Lee's season-high 9.725 and Khoshnood's season-best 9.700.  Merritt rounded out the scoring with a 9.400.

"We had a solid meet tonight with a few hiccups," said Spartan head coach Wayne Wright.  "We did well on beam tonight, phenomenal on floor and great on vault.  On beam this week, we tried not to focus on the bad of last week's meet and not let it feed into our mind for this week."

Next week, San Jose State hosts Sacramento State and UC Davis at Spartan Gym on Friday, February 26.  The meet begins at 7 p.m., and spectators are encouraged to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Night.

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Women's Gymnastics Meet Results

Host: Sacramento State  
Meet: vs. San Jose State February 19, 2010
Location: Sacramento, Calif. (Hornets Nest) Home Meet
Contents: Event Results Team Results
  Vault Team Standing
  Uneven Parallel Bars Sacramento State
  Balance Beam San Jose State
  Floor Exercise Judge List


Team Standings Top
Place  Team Score 
1  Sacramento State 194.225 
2  San Jose State 193.850 


Sacramento State Home
Head Coach:  Kim Hughes Top
 Gymnast Vault  Bars  Beam  Floor  AllArr 
 Bethany Barrick       9.725   
 Amanda Blauvelt 9.700  9.800       
 Cayla Boyce     9.850  9.725   
 Lauren Dyson   9.700       
 Kaitie Kinser       9.600   
 Jasmine Lipka   9.525  9.700  9.800   
 Nicole Meiller 9.750  9.725       
 Lizzy Norvell     9.700     
 Emiko Ono 9.700         
 Eryn Stubblefield 9.700  8.775  9.825  9.725  38.025 
 Traci Takeda 9.550  9.500  9.850     
 Lissa Zamolo 9.550    9.775  9.600   
 Team Totals 48.400  48.250  49.000  48.575  194.225 


San Jose State
Head Coach:  Wayne Wright Top
 Gymnast Vault  Bars  Beam  Floor  AllArr 
 Shanice Howard 9.625    9.775     
 Jessica Khoshnood   9.650  9.700  9.700   
 Aubrey Lee 9.675    9.725     
 Tiffany Louie   9.600    9.700   
 Katie Merritt 9.800  9.700  9.400     
 Lily Swann 9.775  8.950    9.675   
 Gabrielle Targosz     9.750  9.825   
 Alyssa Telles-Nolan   8.050       
 Katie Valleau 9.625      9.800   
 Thomasina Wallace 9.600  9.825  9.800  9.850  39.075 
 Team Totals 48.500  47.725  48.750  48.875  193.850 


Vault Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.800 
2  Lily Swann  San Jose State 9.775 
3  Nicole Meiller  Sacramento State 9.750 
4  Amanda Blauvelt  Sacramento State 9.700 
4  Emiko Ono  Sacramento State 9.700 
4  Eryn Stubblefield  Sacramento State 9.700 
7  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State 9.675 
8  Shanice Howard  San Jose State 9.625 
8  Katie Valleau  San Jose State 9.625 
10  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.600 
11  Lissa Zamolo  Sacramento State 9.550 
11  Traci Takeda  Sacramento State 9.550 


Uneven Parallel Bars Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.825 
2  Amanda Blauvelt  Sacramento State 9.800 
3  Nicole Meiller  Sacramento State 9.725 
4  Lauren Dyson  Sacramento State 9.700 
4  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.700 
6  Jessica Khoshnood  San Jose State 9.650 
7  Tiffany Louie  San Jose State 9.600 
8  Jasmine Lipka  Sacramento State 9.525 
9  Traci Takeda  Sacramento State 9.500 
10  Lily Swann  San Jose State 8.950 
11  Eryn Stubblefield  Sacramento State 8.775 
12  Alyssa Telles-Nolan  San Jose State 8.050 


Balance Beam Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Cayla Boyce  Sacramento State 9.850 
1  Traci Takeda  Sacramento State 9.850 
3  Eryn Stubblefield  Sacramento State 9.825 
4  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.800 
5  Lissa Zamolo  Sacramento State 9.775 
5  Shanice Howard  San Jose State 9.775 
7  Gabrielle Targosz  San Jose State 9.750 
8  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State 9.725 
9  Jasmine Lipka  Sacramento State 9.700 
9  Lizzy Norvell  Sacramento State 9.700 
9  Jessica Khoshnood  San Jose State 9.700 
12  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.400 


Floor Exercise Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.850 
2  Gabrielle Targosz  San Jose State 9.825 
3  Jasmine Lipka  Sacramento State 9.800 
3  Katie Valleau  San Jose State 9.800 
5  Cayla Boyce  Sacramento State 9.725 
5  Bethany Barrick  Sacramento State 9.725 
5  Eryn Stubblefield  Sacramento State 9.725 
8  Jessica Khoshnood  San Jose State 9.700 
8  Tiffany Louie  San Jose State 9.700 
10  Lily Swann  San Jose State 9.675 
11  Kaitie Kinser  Sacramento State 9.600 
11  Lissa Zamolo  Sacramento State 9.600 


All Around Results Top
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 39.075 
2  Eryn Stubblefield  Sacramento State 38.025 


Meet Judges Top
 Judge 1 Peggy Gillette National
 Judge 2 Toni Scammacca Level 10
 Uneven Parallel Bars
 Judge 1 Fran Earles National
 Judge 2 Chizu Holmes National
 Balance Beam
 Judge 1 Chizu Holmes National
 Judge 2 Peggy Gillette National
 Floor Exercise
 Judge 1 Fran Earles National
 Judge 2 Toni Scammacca Level 10


 PLEASE NOTE: All scores are unofficial until verified at end of meet. For questions regarding the meet results, please contact the host institution.
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