Wallace Breaks All-Around Record Again!

Logan, Utah-After breaking the San Jose State all-around record Sunday, Thomasina Wallace broke her own record Friday night with a 39.525 in a dual meet at Utah State.  The Spartans used a strong fourth rotation on beam to win the meet 194.950-194.875.


Wallace, the reigning WAC Gymnast of the Week, broke her own record of 39.425 she broke this past Sunday against Southern Utah.  Wallace won the vault with a 9.900, tied for first on the bars with a 9.875, tied for first on the beam at 9.875 and won the floor with a 9.875.


"I don't know if setting this new record has hit me yet, and I can't even describe my feelings," said Wallace grinning ear-to-ear.  "I just go out there every night and just want to help my team any way I can.  I knew had to be strong because my teammates count on me so much."


San Jose State scored its 10th best team score in school history and the season-best in the victory.  The Spartans used strong bar and beam scores in the win.


For the second consecutive meet, the Spartan bar team recorded one of the highest scores in school history.  They scored a 48.925, tying for the fifth-highest in school history after scoring the fourth-best total last Sunday.  Wallace led the Spartans with a 9.875.  Dannon Gregory tied her season-best with a 9.775, and Alyssa Telles-Nolan added a 9.775.  Cassandra Harrison and Casey McCord each scored a 9.750.  Kiley Field rounded out the scoring with a 9.000.  San Jose State also took a 48.925-48.250 lead over Utah State.


The second rotation found the scoring gab between the two teams shorten to just a 97.625-97.600 lead.  The Spartan scored a season-best 48.700 on vault, but Utah State scored its second-best bars score in school history with a 49.350.  Wallace again San Jose State as she tied her career best with a 9.900.  Harrison tied her career best at 9.750, followed Greer with a career-best 9.725.  Katie Valleau scored a 9.675, followed by Aubrey Lee with a season-best 9.650 and Alyssa Montalban at 9.425.


Moving to floor in the third rotation, the Spartans scored a 48.475, having to count a fall and music problems delayed a routine.  Wallace again led the Spartans with a 9.875 followed by Valleau at 9.825.  Greer scored a 9.800, followed by Lee's season-best 9.750.  Harrison lost her footing on her last pass and scored a 9.225, while Montalban scored a 9.100.  Utah State took over the team lead, 146.42-146.100.


The beam team produced five solid scores for the Spartans with a season-best 48.850, tying for the ninth-best score in school history.  Wallace led the team with a 9.875, followed by Harrison with a career-best 9.850, Greer with a season-tying best 9.775, Gregory with a season-best 9.750, Cami Guyer with a season-best 9.600 and Field at 9.100.


"This was a total team effort tonight," said San Jose State head coach Wayne Wright.  "We had our best vaults of the year, another strong bar team score, had to count a fall on floor and never gave up on beam with the best score of the season.


"I knew it was going to be close tonight.  We never doubted ourselves tonight, and I am proud of each and every one of my athletes."


The Spartans continue on the road next week with a meet at Boise State on Friday, February 17.  That meet begins at 7 p.m. Mountain/6 p.m. Pacific.

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Women's Gymnastics Meet Results

San Jose State Dual

Host: Utah State University
Date: February 10, 2012
Location: Logan, Utah (Dee Glen Smith Spectrum)
Venue: Home Meet
Contents:Event ResultsTeam Results
  Vault Team Standing
  Uneven Parallel Bars Utah State University
  Balance Beam San Jose State University
  Floor Exercise Judge List


Team Standing  (Top)
Place TeamScore 
1  San Jose State University 194.950 
2  Utah State University 194.875 


Utah State University  (Top)
Head Coach:  Jeff Richards
 GymnastVault Bars Beam Floor AllArr 
 Kaitlyn Betts   9.850      
 Ashley Follett     9.750 9.100  
 Haley Hogan     9.725    
 Rebecca Holliday 9.550 9.875 9.850 9.175 38.450
 Paige Jones 9.775 9.875 9.625 9.775 39.050
 Sarah Landes 9.750 9.875 9.875 9.850 39.350
 Susie Miller 9.575   8.975 9.850  
 Amelia Montoya 9.550 9.875      
 Amanda Watamaniuk 9.600 9.825   9.800  
 Team Totals 48.250  49.350  48.825  48.450  194.875


San Jose State University  (Top)
Head Coach:  Wayne Wright
 GymnastVault Bars Beam Floor AllArr 
 Kiley Field   9.000 9.100    
 Julia Greer 9.725   9.775 9.800  
 Dannon Gregory   9.775 9.750    
 Cami Guyer     9.600    
 Cassandra Harrison 9.750 9.750 9.850 9.225 38.575
 Aubrey Lee 9.650     9.750  
 Casey McCord   9.750      
 Alyssa Montalban 9.425     9.000  
 Alyssa Telles-Nolan   9.775      
 Katie Valleau 9.675     9.825  
 Thomasina Wallace 9.900 9.875 9.875 9.875 39.525
 Team Totals 48.700  48.925  48.850  48.475  194.950


Vault Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State University 9.900 
2  Paige Jones  Utah State University 9.775 
3  Sarah Landes  Utah State University 9.750 
3  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State University 9.750 
5  Julia Greer  San Jose State University 9.725 
6  Katie Valleau  San Jose State University 9.675 
7  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State University 9.650 
8  Amanda Watamaniuk  Utah State University 9.600 
9  Susie Miller  Utah State University 9.575 
10  Rebecca Holliday  Utah State University 9.550 
10  Amelia Montoya  Utah State University 9.550 
12  Alyssa Montalban  San Jose State University 9.425 


Uneven Parallel Bars Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Amelia Montoya  Utah State University 9.875 
1  Rebecca Holliday  Utah State University 9.875 
1  Sarah Landes  Utah State University 9.875 
1  Paige Jones  Utah State University 9.875 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State University 9.875 
6  Kaitlyn Betts  Utah State University 9.850 
7  Amanda Watamaniuk  Utah State University 9.825 
8  Dannon Gregory  San Jose State University 9.775 
8  Alyssa Telles-Nolan  San Jose State University 9.775 
10  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State University 9.750 
10  Casey McCord  San Jose State University 9.750 
12  Kiley Field  San Jose State University 9.000 


Balance Beam Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Sarah Landes  Utah State University 9.875 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State University 9.875 
3  Rebecca Holliday  Utah State University 9.850 
3  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State University 9.850 
5  Julia Greer  San Jose State University 9.775 
6  Ashley Follett  Utah State University 9.750 
6  Dannon Gregory  San Jose State University 9.750 
8  Haley Hogan  Utah State University 9.725 
9  Paige Jones  Utah State University 9.625 
10  Cami Guyer  San Jose State University 9.600 
11  Kiley Field  San Jose State University 9.100 
12  Susie Miller  Utah State University 8.975 


Floor Exercise Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State University 9.875 
2  Susie Miller  Utah State University 9.850 
2  Sarah Landes  Utah State University 9.850 
4  Katie Valleau  San Jose State University 9.825 
5  Amanda Watamaniuk  Utah State University 9.800 
5  Julia Greer  San Jose State University 9.800 
7  Paige Jones  Utah State University 9.775 
8  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State University 9.750 
9  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State University 9.225 
10  Rebecca Holliday  Utah State University 9.175 
11  Ashley Follett  Utah State University 9.100 
12  Alyssa Montalban  San Jose State University 9.000 


All Around Results  (Top)
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State University 39.525 
2  Sarah Landes  Utah State University 39.350 
3  Paige Jones  Utah State University 39.050 
4  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State University 38.575 
5  Rebecca Holliday  Utah State University 38.450 


Meet Judges  (Top)
 Event Number Name Rating
 Vault  Judge 1  Charity Greene  National
   Judge 2  Jill Roundy  Level 10
 Bars  Judge 1  Andrea Snyder-Pedersen  National
   Judge 2  Tracy Smith  Level 10
 Beam  Judge 1  Jill Roundy  Level 10
   Judge 2  Tracy Smith  Level 10
 Floor  Judge 1  Andrea Snyder-Pedersen  National
   Judge 2  Charity Greene  National


 PLEASE NOTE: All scores are unofficial until verified at end of meet. For questions regarding the meet results, please contact the host institution.
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