Women's Gymnastics Victorious Over Sacramento State

San JoseFor the second consecutive week, the 28th-ranked San Jose State women’s gymnastics team got solid performances and defeated Sacramento State, 194.200-192.300, Friday night at Spartan Gym. 

Three Spartans won individual events during the meet.  Lily Swann led off the victories with a 9.850 on vault.  Alise Blackwell tied with two Hornet gymnasts on bars with a 9.750.  Thomasina Wallace and Veronica Porte tied for first on floor as each scored a 9.850.

San Jose State jumped out to an early lead after the first rotation of the Western Athletic Conference meet.  After Swann’s 9.850, Shanice Howard and Wallace each had a 9.750, followed by Blackwell at 9.725, Katie Merritt at 9.675 and Porte at 9.650.  The Spartans had a 48.750-48.350 lead. 

In the second rotation, San Jose State scored a 48.575.  Blackwell led the team with a 9.750, followed by Jessica Khoshnood, Merritt and Wallace each had a 9.725.  Tiffany Louie received a 9.650, while Porte scored a 9.175.  The Spartans had a 97.325-96.400 lead at the half-way point of the meet.

Beam proved tough for both teams in the meet.  San Jose State scored a 47.975, led by Blackwell’s 9.725.  Aubrey Lee scored a 9.675, followed by Merritt and Porte with 9.575.  Kelli Fournier scored a 9.425, while Wallace received a 9.250.  The Spartans led 145.300-144.200 after three rotations.

The Spartans scored its best score of the night on floor with a 48.900.  Porte and Wallace each had a 9.850.  Howard had a 9.750, while Khoshnood and Gabby Targosz each had a 9.725.  Katie Valleau added a 9.650.

“We competed really well tonight,” said San Jose State head coach Wayne Wright.  “I am pleased with the way everyone performed tonight, especially since we had a couple of falls tonight.  We had a good team effort.”

San Jose State is now 6-1 overall and 2-1 in the WAC, while Sacramento State falls to 3-5 overall and 0-2 in the WAC.  The two teams compete against each next Sunday, February 15, at 2 p.m., at the Hornet’s Nest.

San Jose State  194.200
Sacramento State 192.300

1.  Lily Swann, SJSU  9.850
2.  Thomasina Wallace, SJSU 9.750
     Shanice Howard, SJSU 9.750

1.  Alise Blackwell, SJSU 9.750
     Amanda Blauvelt, SAC 9.750
     Lauren Dyson, SAC 9.750

1.  Marina Borisova, SAC 9.825
2.  Alise Blackwell, SJSU 9.725
3.  Lissa Zamolo, SAC 9.675
     Aubrey Lee, SJSU  9.675

1.  Thomasina Wallace, SJSU  9.850
     Veronica Porte, SJSU  9.850
2.  Marina Borisova, SAC  9.775
3.  Shanice Howard, SJSU  9.750

1.  Marina Borisova, SAC  38.950
2.  Thomasina Wallace, SJSU  38.575
3.  Veronica Porte, SJSU  38.250

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