Women's Gymnastics Scores Season-Best 193.250

Chicago, IllDespite temperatures below zero outside in Chicago, the San Jose State women’s gymnastics team scored a season-best 193.250 at a dual meet at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  The Flames won the meet with a 195.350.


Raylyn Cardeno led the Spartans as she won the vault with a season-best 9.850.  She tied her career-best with a 9.650 on the floor.


In the all-around, Alise Blackwell finished second with a 38.850.  She scored a 9.650 on vault, a 9.625 on bars, a 9.775 on beam and a 9.800 on floor.  Veronica Porte scored a 37.925 in the all-around including a career-best 9.800 on beam.


“I am really pleased with our performance tonight,” said San Jose State head coach Wayne Wright.  “We recorded our best season score (home or away) and continue to improve with each meet.  We had a tough night on floor, but I am really proud of this team.  Raylyn and Alise did a really nice job for our team at the meet.”


San Jose State returns to the Bay Area next Friday, February 9, for a quadrangular meet at Stanford.  Participants include #5 Stanford, #11 Oregon State and #16 Iowa State.  The meet begins at 7:30 p.m., at Maples Pavilion.


1.  Illinois-Chicago        195.350

2.  San Jose State      193.250



1.  Raylyn Cardeno (SJS)      9.850

2.  Annie Kachman (UIC)         9.825

3.  Justine Weyer (UIC)            9.800

Alise Blackwell (SJS)               9.650

Tiffany Louie (SJS)                   9.625

Veronica Porte (SJS)                9.625

Danielle Johnson (SJS) 9.550

Jessica Khoshnood (SJS)         9.350



1.  Jessie Jaworowicz (UIC)     9.875

2.  Annie Kachman (UIC)         9.850

3.  Tiffany Louie (SJS)  9.825

Jessica Khoshnood (SJS)         9.750

Liz Major (SJS)                        9.725

Alise Blackwell (SJS)               9.625

Jennifer Pizano (SJS)                9.550

Veronica Porte (SJS)                8.925



1.   Rachael Zelinski (UIC)       9.900

1.   Jessie Jaworowicz (UIC)    9.900

3.   Zandre Labuschagne (UIC) 9.875

T4. Greta Leach (SJS)              9.825

Veronica Porte (SJS)                9.800

Alise Blackwell (SJS)               9.775

Jennifer Pizano (SJS)                9.675

Leah Bigelow (SJS)                  9.300

Kelli Fournier (SJS)                  8.525



1.  Rachael Zelinski (UIC)        9.875

2.  Annie Kachman (UIC)         9.850

3.  Alise Blackwell (SJS)          9.800

Raylyn Cardeno (SJS)              9.650

Jessica Khoshnood (SJS)         9.625

Veronica Porte (SJS)                9.575

Greta Leach (SJS)                    9.450

Tiffany Louie (SJS)                   8.975



1.  Annie Kachman UIC           39.350

2.  Alise Blackwell SJSU          38.850

3.  Jessie Jaworowicz UIC        38.775

4.  Veronica Porte SJSU          37.925


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