Gym Talk - February 3, 2006

Hey everyone and welcome back to Gym Talk. I’m Leah Bigelow, a sophomore and beam specialist on the team. It’s been crazy these past several weeks as we now have classes and homework in addition to a meet every weekend. 

On January 21, 13 members of the team traveled to Texas for a quad meet at Texas Women’s University. We hit some awesome routines but the scoring didn’t reflect it. The absence of seven of our teammates also made it difficult. It’s always noticeable when the entire team isn’t there to cheer each other on.
We definitely made up for it, however, during our first home meet of the season. We once again beat our rival, Cal State Fullerton, and received a season-high (so far) score of a 193.125. It was great having the whole team together again, plus parents, friends, and other supporters cheering us on from the stands. We all came in excited for a home meet and ready to show everyone what we’re capable of. We had several firsts at this meet as well. Renae Moneymaker hit a new, more difficult vault, Nancy-Ann Van Eck joined the line up on bars, and Alise Blackwell joined the line up on floor. They really shined!

We haven’t slowed down in the gym even though school started last week. With three classes before practice on Mondays and Wednesdays and two three-hour-long classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I certainly have a full schedule. However, four of those classes are geared towards my major so I’m already starting to enjoy them. Homework hasn’t been too bad so far, although we’ve only had one full week of classes. At least that gives me a bit of time to get into a good rhythm with my new schedule. That shouldn’t be too hard; having to work around my gym schedule almost my entire life has taught me a thing or two about time management.

Working in a team environment has been so exciting! As the first one up on beam, as with everyone who’s job it is to start an event, it’s up to me to get rest of my group off to good start. But it makes me work harder to hit everything. Then it’s so exciting to see everyone else put all the work they do every day in practice into a great routine.

We hope to see you at our next home meet and then we’re off to Seattle.

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