Wallace Scores Second-Highest All-Around Score

Sacramento, Calif.-Thomasina Wallace continued her spectacular gymnastics season, winning the all-around and the bars Friday night in a meet at Sacramento State.  But, despite seven career-high scores, San Jose State could not overcome falls on the bars and beam in a 193.000-194.750 loss at Sacramento State.

Wallace won the all-around with a 39.375, the second-highest in school history and her best this season.  She has scored a 39.375 or better three times in her Spartan career and a 39.000 or higher in three of the four meets this year.  Wallace won the only event for the Spartans with a 9.875 on bars, her best score of the season.

"I came into tonight's meet trying to stay calm and just focus on doing one skill at a time," said Wallace.  "This being my senior year, I am using that as motivation and trying to help my team any way I can."

The Spartans started the meet on bars, and despite having to count a fall, scored a 48.225 which included four new career highs.  The team trailed the Hornets after one rotation who scored a 48.550 on vault.  Wallace led the Spartans with a season-best 9.875.  Alyssa Telles-Nolan scored a career-best 9.850, while Casey McCord added a career-best 9.750.  Dannon Gregory had her season-best with a 9.675.  Kiley Field received a 9.075, while Cassandra Harrison scored a 9.050.

Rotating to vault with a new lineup, San Jose State received its best score of the season with a 48.650, led by Wallace with a 9.800.  Alyssa Montalban and Cami Guyer each scored season-bests 9.775.  Julia Greer scored her career best with a 9.700, followed by McCord at 9.600 and Katie Valleau at 9.550.  After two rotations, the teams were tied at 96.875.

The Spartans scored its best team-score of the night with a 48.925.  Wallace and Valleau led the team as each scored a 9.850.  Montalban recorded her second season-best of the night with a 9.825.  Lee and Greer each had a 9.700, while Harrison recorded a 9.675.  San Jose State had a slight lead, 145.800-145.625, after three rotations.

On beam in the final rotation, three Spartan falls led to a 47.200 on the apparatus.  Wallace led the team with a 9.850, followed by Greer at 9.775 and Harrison at 9.650. Lee had an 8.975, followed by Tauny Shearer at 8.950 and Field at 8.350.

"We have to stay on the beam and not count any falls throughout the meet," said Spartan head coach Wayne Wright.  "I am really proud of the way Thomi performed throughout the meet and really kept us going.  We inserted some new people into our lineups tonight, and they had a positive impact on our team.  I knew Sacramento State would be up to the challenge tonight, and they showed it."

After four meets in 13 days, the Spartans have nine days until their next meet when they host Southern Utah on Sunday, February 5, at 1 p.m., inside Spartan Gym.



Women's Gymnastics Meet Results

Host: Sacramento State  
Meet: vs. San Jose State January 27, 2012
Location: Sacramento, Calif. (Hornets Nest) Home Meet
Contents:Event ResultsTeam Results
  Vault Team Standing
  Uneven Parallel Bars Sacramento State
  Balance Beam San Jose State
  Floor Exercise Judge List

Team Standings Top
Place TeamScore 
1  Sacramento State 194.750 
2  San Jose State 193.000 

Sacramento State Home
Head Coach:  Kim Hughes Top
 GymnastVault Bars Beam Floor AllArr 
 Cayla Beutler     9.750  9.875   
 Kailey Hansen 9.750    9.825  9.900   
 Kaila Kilwein 9.600  9.600    9.825   
 Kalliah McCartney 9.775  9.725  9.875  9.125  38.500 
 Nicole Meiller 9.600  9.750       
 Tina Necas   9.500       
 Emiko Ono 9.825  9.750       
 Katie Osaki 9.600      9.800   
 Dallas Smith     9.600  9.725   
 Claire Torgerson     9.250     
 Kayla Wonderly     9.700     
 Ashley Wooff   9.125       
 Team Totals 48.550  48.325  48.750  49.125  194.750 

San Jose State
Head Coach:  Wayne Wright Top
 GymnastVault Bars Beam Floor AllArr 
 Kiley Field   9.075  8.350     
 Julia Greer 9.700    9.775  9.700   
 Dannon Gregory   9.675       
 Cassandra Harrison   9.050  9.650  9.675   
 Aubrey Lee     8.975  9.700   
 Casey McCord 9.600  9.750       
 Alyssa Montalban 9.775      9.825   
 Tauny Shearer     8.950     
 Alyssa Telles-Nolan   9.850       
 Katie Valleau 9.550      9.850   
 Thomasina Wallace 9.800  9.875  9.850  9.850  39.375 
 Cami Guyer 9.775         
 Team Totals 48.650  48.225  47.200  48.925  193.000 


Vault Results Top
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Emiko Ono  Sacramento State 9.825 
2  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.800 
3  Kalliah McCartney  Sacramento State 9.775 
3  Alyssa Montalban  San Jose State 9.775 
3  Cami Guyer  San Jose State 9.775 
6  Kailey Hansen  Sacramento State 9.750 
7  Julia Greer  San Jose State 9.700 
8  Katie Osaki  Sacramento State 9.600 
8  Kaila Kilwein  Sacramento State 9.600 
8  Nicole Meiller  Sacramento State 9.600 
8  Casey McCord  San Jose State 9.600 
12  Katie Valleau  San Jose State 9.550 

Uneven Parallel Bars Results Top
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.875 
2  Alyssa Telles-Nolan  San Jose State 9.850 
3  Emiko Ono  Sacramento State 9.750 
3  Nicole Meiller  Sacramento State 9.750 
3  Casey McCord  San Jose State 9.750 
6  Kalliah McCartney  Sacramento State 9.725 
7  Dannon Gregory  San Jose State 9.675 
8  Kaila Kilwein  Sacramento State 9.600 
9  Tina Necas  Sacramento State 9.500 
10  Ashley Wooff  Sacramento State 9.125 
11  Kiley Field  San Jose State 9.075 
12  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State 9.050 

Balance Beam Results Top
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Kalliah McCartney  Sacramento State 9.875 
2  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.850 
3  Kailey Hansen  Sacramento State 9.825 
4  Julia Greer  San Jose State 9.775 
5  Cayla Beutler  Sacramento State 9.750 
6  Kayla Wonderly  Sacramento State 9.700 
7  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State 9.650 
8  Dallas Smith  Sacramento State 9.600 
9  Claire Torgerson  Sacramento State 9.250 
10  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State 8.975 
11  Tauny Shearer  San Jose State 8.950 
12  Kiley Field  San Jose State 8.350 

Floor Exercise Results Top
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Kailey Hansen  Sacramento State 9.900 
2  Cayla Beutler  Sacramento State 9.875 
3  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.850 
3  Katie Valleau  San Jose State 9.850 
5  Kaila Kilwein  Sacramento State 9.825 
5  Alyssa Montalban  San Jose State 9.825 
7  Katie Osaki  Sacramento State 9.800 
8  Dallas Smith  Sacramento State 9.725 
9  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State 9.700 
9  Julia Greer  San Jose State 9.700 
11  Cassandra Harrison  San Jose State 9.675 
12  Kalliah McCartney  Sacramento State 9.125 

All Around Results Top
Place Gymnast TeamScore 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 39.375 
2  Kalliah McCartney  Sacramento State 38.500 

Meet Judges Top
 Judge 1 Tina Paulos National
 Judge 2 Janine Bissonnette National
 Uneven Parallel Bars
 Judge 1 Laurie Russi National
 Judge 2 Cari DuBois-Wright National
 Balance Beam
 Judge 1 Tina Paulos National
 Judge 2 Cari DuBois-Wright National
 Floor Exercise
 Judge 1 Laurie Russi National
 Judge 2 Janine Bissonnette National
 PLEASE NOTE: All scores are unofficial until verified at end of meet. For questions regarding the meet results, please contact the host institution.
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