20 Questions With Raylyn Cardeno

This week, we catch up with Spartan women’s gymnast Raylyn Cardeno for 20 Questions.

1. Goals for senior year in gymnastics I want to help our team make it to regionals. I want to place in the top-three on the vault the WAC Championships.

2. Why gymnastics My mom was a gymnast, and I liked flipping around and doing all of that at home. She put us into gymnastics and I loved it.

3. Favorite apparatus Floor because I like to dance and tumble.

4. Favorite move on the floor Back tumbling. No front tumbling for me.

5. Best road trip of her San Jose State career Going to Chicago last year. It was a lot of fun. It was a change from going to Washington or Utah. The “Chicago-style” pizza was good.

6. Best memory in gymnastics Making it to nationals my junior year in high school after breaking my ankle. I was in the top-10 for vault.

7. Favorite place to visit Maui. We went for gymnastics two years in a row. The first year, I was injured. My second year I did vault and floor.

8. Two words to describe yourself Cute and little. Everyone says that about me.

9. Favorite music Everything but hard rock.

10. Favorite movies Love and Basketball and Drop Dead Fred.

11. Favorite actress Kate Hudson

12. Favorite Reality TV Show America’s Next Top Model

13. Dream Vacation
Traveling all around Europe.

14. Dogs or cats
I have a Chihuahua named Harley.

15. Biggest influence on your life My mom. She does a lot for us. She is always there for us and got my sister and I started in gymnastics. She is very supportive of everything we do.

16. Being an athlete makes me a better person because
- it makes me be more disciplined.

17. Favorite food
Japanese, especially sushi.

18. Other sport you wished you played Basketball (if I was taller!)

19. When I am away from the gym I like to go shopping and be with my friends and family. My favorite stores include Forever 21, Macy’s and Abercrombie & Fitch.

20. Favorite places to eat In N Out Burger, BJs Restaurant, any restaurant at Oakridge Mall.

21. Career after graduation Work in the health field, probably at a health clinic, doing health awareness.

22. Favorite midnight snack Pistachio Ice Cream.

23. If I had to cook all of my meals I would probably survive on
spaghetti, because it is easy to make.

24. Biggest thrill in Spartan Gymnastics career Defeating Stanford and California in Spartan Gym during the 2005 season.

25. Best Book Ever Read Charlotte’s Web

26. I am most thankful for My family.

27. Three people I could have dinner with
Kate Hudson, James Franco and mom.

28. Favorite class at San Jose State HS 104, Community Health. We learned about promoting health and did the Health Fair. There was a team that did physical fitness awareness for kids.

This week’s 20 Questions was brought to you by The Grill On The Alley.

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