Women's Gymnastics Third at Stanford, Moneymaker Fourth in All-Around

Stanford, Calif.The San Jose State women’s gymnastics team finished third Sunday afternoon at Stanford with a 190.575.   Freshman Renae Moneymaker finished fourth in the all-around with a 38.050.



Moneymaker competed in the all-around for the first time in her collegiate career.  She was the Spartans’ top finisher on the floor with a 9.425.  Her best scores of the day came on the vault and beam with a 9.575 on each.  She scored 9.475 on the bars.


“Today was really fun and high energy,” said Moneymaker.  “Beam was one of my best events today because I have had problems with it during the week.  It was good to be able to help my team in scoring on all four events.  I felt ready to compete in the all-around.”


Leah Bigelow was the Spartans’ top finisher on the day as she tied for third on the beam with a 9.750, while Amberly Klein tied for sixth on beam with a 9.675.  Raylyn Cardeno was sixth on the vault with a 9.700.  Michelle Minotti and Shina Cardeno tied for sixth on the vault with a 9.675.  Veronica Porte was the team’s top finisher on the floor with a 9.625.  Minotti was fifth in the all-around with a 37.950, while Porte was sixth with a 37.600.



“I was happy with our performance today” said San Jose State head coach Wayne Wright.  “We came up a little short on floor but otherwise were ok.  We improved our score over last week.  I was very pleased with Renae’s performance considering it was her first time competing in the all-around.”


Stanford won the meet with a 194.350, while Sacramento State finished second with a 191.525.  UC Davis finished fourth with a 186.875.  Cardinal Tabitha Yim was first in the all-around with a 39.600.


San Jose State travels to Texas-Woman’s next Saturday night for a quadrangular meet in Denton, Texas.




1.  Stanford      194.350

2.  Sacramento State    191.525

3.  San Jose State         190.575

4.  UC Davis    186.875



1.  Tabitha Yim (ST)     9.900

2.  Liz Tricase (ST)       9.825

3.  Nicole Ourada (ST) 9.775

San Jose State Results

6.  Raylyn Cardeno       9.700

T7.  Michelle Minotti    9.675

T7.  Shina Cardeno      9.675

T9.  Veronica Porte      9.625

T11.  Renae Moneymaker        9.575



1. Liz Tricase (ST)        9.950

2.  Tabitha Yim (ST)     9.900

3.  Natalie Foley (ST)   9.825

3.  Kelly Fee (ST)        9.825

San Jose State Results

8.  Veronica Porte        9.700

T11.  Michelle Minotti  9.625

13.  Alise Blackwell      9.600

17.  Renae Moneymaker          9.475

T20.  Jennifer Pizano    9.125

23.  Tracie Kavalec      8.650



1.  Tabitha Yim (ST)     9.875

2.  Natalie Foley (ST)   9.800

3.   Leah Bigelow (SJS)            9.750

      Nicole Ourada (ST)            9.750

      Kelly Fee (ST)                   9.750

San Jose State results

T7.  Amberly Klein       9.675

13.  Renae Moneymaker          9.575

T16.  Adriane Mertens 9.450

24.  Veronica Porte                  8.650



1.  Tabitha Yim (ST)     9.925

2.  Nicole Ourada (ST) 9.900

3.  Natalie Foley (ST)   9.800

San Jose State Results

7.  Veronica Porte        9.625

T11.  Renae Moneymaker        9.425

T11.  Michelle de Groof           9.425

16.  Raylyn Cardeno                 9.150

17.  Amberly Klein                   9.100

T19.  Michelle Minotti  9.025



1.  Tabitha Yim (ST)                 39.600

2.  Natalie Foley (ST)               39.150

3.  Nicole Ourada (ST) 39.100

4.  Renae Moneymaker (SJS)   38.050

5. Michelle Minotti (SJS)          37.950

6.  Veronica Porte (SJS)           37.600


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