Women's Gymnastics Victorious Against Titans

Fullerton, Calif.Solid performances from returning gymnastics and good contributions from the newcomers enabled the San Jose State women’s gymnastics team to post its highest opening-meet score in school history Sunday afternoon.  The Spartans defeated CS Fullerton, 193.300-191.825, in a Western Athletic Conference meet at Titan Gym.

Senior Veronica Porte led the way for San Jose State as she won the all-around with a 39.100.  She tied for first on the vault with a 9.775 and the beam with a 9.750 and tied for second on the floor with a 9.825.  Porte also contributed a 9.750 on the bars.

“This was an amazing meet for us today,” said Porte.  “I was really happy with my performance on floor.  I have been working very hard at practice, and it was nice to hit the routine when it counted.”

Newcomer Thomasina Wallace was not far behind Porte as she scored a 38.975 in the all-around.  Wallace, from nearby Pomona and competing in front of 20-30 friends and family, won the bars with a 9.800 and tied on the beam with a 9.750.  She added a 9.775 on floor and a 9.650 on vault.

“This was a fun meet to be a part of for my first college competition,” said Wallace.  “It was nice to win and have all of our hard work pay off.  I think my best event was beam today, especially since I led off for our team.  I knew I had to hit my routine and give the rest of my teammates confidence when they competed.”

San Jose State started the meet on the bars scored a 48.500.  Wallace led the team with a 9.800, followed by Alise Blackwell and Porte with 9.750.  Jessica Khoshnood added a 9.700, followed by Katie Merritt at 9.500 and Tiffany Louie at 9.250.  After one rotation, the Spartans trailed the Titans, 48.525-48.500.

In the second rotation, the Spartans moved to vault and scored a 48.450.  Porte led the team with a 9.775.  Merritt, competing for the first time in her Spartan career on vault and beam, scored a 9.725.  Blackwell and Shanice Howard each had a 9.650, while Lily Swann added a 9.200.  San Jose State led after the rotation, 96.950-96.475.

On floor, four Spartans scored a 9.700 or higher, led by Porte’s 9.825.  Howard followed with a 9.800, and Wallace had a 9.775.  In her first collegiate meet, Katie Valleau scored a 9.700.  Swann rounded out the scoring with a 9.150.  The Spartans extended its lead after the rotation with a 145.200-143.325.

In the final rotation, Wallace and Porte anchored the beam team as each scored a 9.750.  Blackwell scored a 9.675, while Merritt added a 9.650.  In her Spartan debut, Aubrey Lee scored a 9.375, while Kelli Fournier rounded out the scoring with a 9.075.

“We really did a great job today,” said San Jose State head coach Wayne Wright.  “This win was truly a team effort, and I am proud of everyone.  Even though we won, there are still improvements to be made when we get back into the gym.

“The freshman did a good job today of keeping their poise and their jitters in check.   Veronica and Thomasina performed wonderfully for us today.”

The 193.300 team score is believed to be the highest opening-meet score in school history.  The highest was a 191.575 against Cal State Fullerton to begin the 2005 season.

San Jose State opens the home portion of its meet schedule this Friday, January 16, with a tri-meet against Brigham Young and UC Davis.  The meet begins at 7 p.m., in Spartan Gym.

Women's Gymnastics Meet Results

Host: Cal State Fullerton
Date: January 11, 2009
Location: Titan Gym - Fullerton, CA

Team Standings
Place  Team Score 
1  San Jose State 193.400 
2  Cal State Fullerton 191.825 
Cal State Fullerton 
Head Coach:  Jill Hicks
 Gymnast Vault  Bars  Beam  Floor  AllArr 
 Alaina Baker 9.700 9.650 9.050 9.875 38.275
 Shelly Cooper 9.725 9.750   9.825  
 Ashley Griffith     8.950    
 Shannon Kawada   9.700   9.600  
 Taylor Kearns   9.425      
 Vanessa Klass 9.675        
 Jessica Merriam     8.950    
 Alana Mouery 9.600        
 Maddie Steinauer 9.775   9.675 9.600  
 Jessica Tait   9.425 9.575    
 Katie Turcotte 9.650 9.300   9.600  
 Kori Underhill     9.600 9.200  
 Team Totals 48.525  47.950  46.850  48.500  191.825
San Jose State
Head Coach:  Wayne Wright
 Gymnast Vault  Bars  Beam  Floor  AllArr 
 Alise Blackwell 9.650 9.750 9.675    
 Kelli Fournier     9.075    
 Shanice Howard 9.650     9.800  
 Jessica Khoshnood   9.700      
 Aubrey Lee     9.375 9.050  
 Tiffany Louie   9.250      
 Katie Merritt 9.725 9.500 9.650    
 Veronica Porte 9.775 9.750 9.750 9.825 39.100
 Lily Swann 9.200     9.150  
 Katie Valleau       9.700  
 Thomasina Wallace 9.650 9.800 9.750 9.775 38.975
 Team Totals 48.450  48.500  48.100  48.250  193.400
Vault Results
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Maddie Steinauer  Cal State Fullerton 9.775 
1  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 9.775 
3  Shelly Cooper  Cal State Fullerton 9.725 
3  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.725 
5  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 9.700 
6  Vanessa Klass  Cal State Fullerton 9.675 
7  Katie Turcotte  Cal State Fullerton 9.650 
7  Alise Blackwell  San Jose State 9.650 
7  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.650 
7  Shanice Howard  San Jose State 9.650 
11  Alana Mouery  Cal State Fullerton 9.600 
12  Lily Swann  San Jose State 9.200 
Uneven Parallel Bars Results  
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.800 
2  Shelly Cooper  Cal State Fullerton 9.750 
2  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 9.750 
2  Alise Blackwell  San Jose State 9.750 
5  Shannon Kawada  Cal State Fullerton 9.700 
5  Jessica Khoshnood  San Jose State 9.700 
7  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 9.650 
8  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.500 
9  Jessica Tait  Cal State Fullerton 9.425 
9  Taylor Kearns  Cal State Fullerton 9.425 
11  Katie Turcotte  Cal State Fullerton 9.300 
12  Tiffany Louie  San Jose State 9.250 
Balance Beam Results  
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.750 
1  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 9.750 
3  Maddie Steinauer  Cal State Fullerton 9.675 
3  Alise Blackwell  San Jose State 9.675 
5  Katie Merritt  San Jose State 9.650 
6  Kori Underhill  Cal State Fullerton 9.600 
7  Jessica Tait  Cal State Fullerton 9.575 
8  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State 9.375 
9  Kelli Fournier  San Jose State 9.075 
10  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 9.050 
11  Jessica Merriam  Cal State Fullerton 8.950 
11  Ashley Griffith  Cal State Fullerton 8.950 
Floor Exercise Results
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 9.875 
2  Shelly Cooper  Cal State Fullerton 9.825 
2  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 9.825 
4  Shanice Howard  San Jose State 9.800 
5  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 9.775 
6  Katie Valleau  San Jose State 9.700 
7  Shannon Kawada  Cal State Fullerton 9.600 
7  Maddie Steinauer  Cal State Fullerton 9.600 
7  Katie Turcotte  Cal State Fullerton 9.600 
10  Kori Underhill  Cal State Fullerton 9.200 
11  Lily Swann  San Jose State 9.150 
12  Aubrey Lee  San Jose State 9.050 
All Around Results  
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Veronica Porte  San Jose State 39.100 
2  Thomasina Wallace  San Jose State 38.975 
3  Alaina Baker  Cal State Fullerton 38.275 
Meet Judges
 Event  Number  Name  Rating
 Vault  Judge 1  Tracy Loffer  National
   Judge 2  Elizabeth Ladley  Level 10
 Bars  Judge 1  Tina Preston  National
   Judge 2  Pat Miller  National
 Beam  Judge 1  Pat Miller  National
   Judge 2  Tracy Loffer  National
 Floor  Judge 1  Tina Preston  National
   Judge 2  Elizabeth Ladley  Level 10