Guyer Has Career Night As Spartans Score Season-Best 195.125

Feb. 13, 2015

Team Vault Bars Beam Floor Final
San José State 48.750 48.625 48.825 48.925 195.125
Sacramento State 48.775 48.425 46.775 48.875 192.850

Sacramento, Calif.--Senior Cami Guyer had a career night as she won or shared three apparatus titles and won the all-around and helped the San José State women's gymnastics team to a season-best 195.125 team score and a win over Sacramento State.

Guyer won the vault with a career-best 9.825, tied for first on bars with teammate Maddie Herr with a season-best 9.825, won the floor with a 9.850 and won the all-around with a career-best 39.250.

Herr also had a strong night with her win on bars with Guyer.  She also won the beam with a 9.800, and placed second in the all-around with a 39.125.

The Spartans team score of 195.125 ranks as the 16th-best score in school history.

The bars team started the night by scoring a 48.625.  Herr and Guyer led the team as each scored a 9.825.  Kaitlin Won scored a season-best 9.775, followed by Mackenzie Douglas and Rachel Heinl at 9.600 and Marissa Unpingco at 9.300.  The Spartans trailed the Hornets 48.775-48.625.

The Spartans took the lead in the meet during the second rotation as the team scored a 48.750 on vault.  Guyer led the team with a career-best 9.825, followed by Hannah Gilbert with a season-best 9.775, Herr and Heinl at 9.725, Won at 9.700 and Alyssa Montalban at 9.650.  After two rotations, San José State led 97.375-97.200.

The floor team again scored the highest team score of the night with a 48.925.  Guyer led the team again with a 9.850, followed by Montalban at 9.825, Herr at 9.775, Field at 9.750, Douglas at 9.725 and Won at 9.625.  The Spartans took a commanding lead at 146.300-143.975 as the Hornets had to count two falls on the beam.

In the final rotation, the beam team scored a season-best 48.825 to seal the win.  Herr led the team with her 9.800, followed by Won and Allison Bellingham at 9.775, Guyer at 9.750, Unpingco at 9.725 and Gabrielle Kambur at 9.675.

After four road meets, San José State returns home to UC Davis next Friday, February 20, at 7 p.m. inside The Event Center.

Team Scores

1.  San José State            195.125

2.  Sacramento State        192.850


1.  Cami Guyer, San José State            9.825

SJSU Results - Hannah Gilbert 9.775; Rachel Heinl 9.725; Maddie Herr 9.725; Kaitlin Won 9.650; Alyssa Montalban 9.650.


1.  Maddie Herr, San José State            9.825

1.  Cami Guyer, San José State            9.825

SJSU Results - Kaitlin Won 9.775, Mackenzie Douglas 9.600; Rachel Heinl 9.600; Marissa Unpingco 9.300.


1.  Maddie Herr, San José State            9.800

SJSU Results - Kaitlin Won 9.775; Allison Bellingham 9.775; Cami Guyer 9.750; Marissa Unpingco 9.725; Gabrielle Kambur 9.675.


1.  Cami Guyer, San José State            9.850

SJSU Results - Alyssa Montalban 9.825; Maddie Herr 9.775; Kiley Field 9.750; Mackenzie Douglas 9.725; Kaitlin Won 9.625.


1.  Cami Guyer, San José State           39.250

2.  Maddie Herr, San José State           39.125

3.  Kaitlin Won, San José State            38.875

4.  Lauren Rice, Sacramento State       37.825

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