Men's cross country fourth at Aggie Invitational

Davis, Calif.----The San Jose State Men’s cross country team finished fourth out of eight teams at the Aggie Invitational on September 13, in Davis, Calif.

The Spartans’ team total was 136. Chico Sate won the race with 15 points, while UC Davis finished second with 48 points in the 8km race.

Bryan Hilberg was the top Spartan finisher placing 40th with a time of 27:39. Teammate Mobin Ghoury was close behind Hilberg placing 43rd with a time of 27:46.

"Bryan Hiberg, Mobin Ghoury, and Justin Chaudoin ran a real good race," said head coach Augie Argabright. "They ran real competitive and had some tough competition."

Chico State seized the top six scoring finishes, which led the Wildcats to a perfect score of 15.

The Spartan’s drastically improved their overall team score by 35 points since they ran last on August 30th in the Bronco Invitational.

Final Results for the Aggie Invitational Men’s Cross Country Meet
Davis, Calif.

Team Scores
1. Chico State, 15; 2. UC Davis, 48; 3. Santa Clara, 89; 4. San Jose State, 136; 5. Saint Mary’s, 156; 6. UC Santa Cruz Club, 162; 7. Cal St. Stanislaus, 188; 8. Holy Names, 239.

Individual Leaders
1. Steve Laurie, Unattached, 24:49. 2. Tyler Graff, Chico State, 24:58. 3. Carlos Carballo, California, 25:00. 4. Steven Springhorn, Chico State, 25:06. 5. Noah Marcus, unattached, 25:17.

San Jose State Finishers
40. Bryan Hilberg, 27:39
43. Mobin Ghoury, 27:46
56. Justin Chaudoin, 28:20
59. Victor Ortiz, 28:43
77. Jesse McLeod, 30:23
79. Kevin Word, 30:55.