Grill The Spartan: Augie Argabright

Augie Argabright is in his 15th season as the San Jose State University cross country head coach. The women’s head coach since 1994, he added the duties as the men’s head coach in 1997, when the program was reinstated. Augie recently spent a few minutes with to discuss a variety of topics about cross country.


Coach, what are your thoughts on this year’s team?

This might be our best team on both the men’s and women’s sides. We have had excellent recruiting classes the past two years and we should see some good results this year.


What makes a great cross country runner?

They have to be dedicated and willing to train on their own. They all make it to practice, but the difference is that the great ones put in the extra time on their own. They have their own internal motivation which pushes them ahead and keeps them training all the time.


How do you avoid over-training?

Well, as a coach you have to monitor your athletes so that they’re not doing too much. It’s a fine line from being peaked and hurt. My personal choice is to keep them undertrained just a bit. Although the team might feel different.


How has technology impacted the sport of cross country?

I think training, in particular, has advanced because there are more runners competing, especially on the women’s side of the sport. The equipment is certainly a little better, but the times really haven’t changed all that much at least not as drastically as in other sports.


Coach Argabright’s team will be in action Saturday, September 13, at the Brooks Memphis Twilight Classic in Memphis, Tenn.

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