Q&A With Kachiside Madu

Kachiside Madu is a redshirt freshman on the 2008 Spartan roster who primarily plays outside defender. The Sacramento native and graduate of Valley High School has appeared in three matches this season.

The Spartans, now at 6-5-4 overall and 2-4-1 in MPSF play, are heading into the final stretch of the 2008 regular season in search of an above-.500 record both overall and in the league. They play their last three matches at home, beginning this Friday, November 7, against the Rebels of UNLV. Kick-off is set for 2:30 p.m. at Spartan Field, with admission free.

We asked Kay, a psychology major, to take a few minutes out of his school and practice schedule to be a guest for our website mini-feature here on SJSUSpartans.com, Men’s Soccer Q&A.

1. Who are some of your favorite musical artists?
Some of my favorite musical artist would have to be Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Collie Buddz, Kanye West, and the list can go on. But of all of the artists that I have listed, my favorite one would have to be Lil Wayne. I think the whole team knows that by now.

2. Any favorite movies? Do you have a favorite soccer movie?
I would have to say my favorite movies are Blood Diamond, Man on Fire, Blue Streak, Big Momma’s House, Friday, Don’t Be a Menace and The Dark Knight. My favorite soccer movie, hands down, is Green Street Hooligans. After I watched that movie, I then learned not to mess with teammate Ed Brand.

3. Do you have any favorite television shows?
I am not by the TV that much, but when I do have time to sit down and watch TV, my favorite show is SportsCenter, Making the Band, Entourage. My all-time favorite TV show is Martin. That show was so funny and always had me laughing.

4. What professional soccer teams do you root for? Are there any professional soccer players who you admire?
The team that I root for day in and day out, is the beautiful Chelsea. This team is the greatest and I get a lot (of grief) from teammates Lewis Sweeney (Manchester United fan) and Ed Brand (Arsenal fan). Whenever Chelsea loses, they are the first ones to get in my face. After Chelsea lost to Manchester United last year in both the EPL and Champions League, Lewis went crazy on me. The players that I admire are Didier Drogba, Ronaldo, Kaka and John Obi Mikel (Nigerian native). But the player that I have been admiring since I was a little kid is my brother, Utodi Madu. This man is the reason why I am here today playing soccer and also the reason why I am the man I am. I love you bro.

5. What brought you out of the Sacramento area, especially with your older brother (Utodi Madu) having starred at Sacramento State for four years, and down here to San Jose State?
What made me leave Sacramento and come here to San Jose State would have to be because my brother played there for four years. It is funny because a lot of people in the Sacramento region had thought that Sacramento State had already gotten me because of my brother. They were already calling me “Little Madu,” and I was not a big fan of that. I basically wanted to be me and not follow my brother’s footsteps. I think one Madu is enough for Sacramento State.

6. What position on the field do you enjoy playing the most?
The position that I find most interesting is outside midfield. That position is real fun because you not only attack but you defend. So you’re getting both aspects of the game. I am not going to lie, that position is also the most tiring. At practice, I made two up-and-down-the-field runs, and I thought I was going to pass out. Water never tasted so good after that practice.

7. Tell us about the origin of your first name. Does it mean anything?
My first name, Kachiside, means, “The way God has written it.” My name is quite unique, I must admit. There are not too many Kachiside Madu’s running around in America, and even in Nigeria. Teachers always butcher my name, and even some of my teammates (Oscar Yniguez). I even asked coach Gary St. Clair if he had known my real name, because the team just goes by Kay, and surprisingly, he did.

8. Can you recall a favorite place you have visited? Is there a place that you would like to visit some day?
My favorite place that I have visited would have to be when I went back home, and I mean HOME, to Nigeria. That was by far the greatest experience that I have ever had. Seeing my origins and all my family back there was amazing. The one place that I would love to go would be England, so I can go and watch my Chelsea squad play Manchester United, and of course, win.

9. What are some of the things you enjoy doing when you are not playing soccer?
Some of the things that I love to do outside of soccer would have to be kicking it with my boys (Brent Young, Ricky Dorrego, Boyah Kaar, Justin Castro, Zlatko (Bijelic), A.J. Moosa, Curtis Casey, Khalil Paden, Kenneth Easter, Alex Germany and Alfredo Moosa). I also enjoy sitting at home with the fireplace lit and making s’mores. I love listening to music and playing the Xbox 360. If anyone wants to get down on some NBA 2K9, you know where I am located.

10. If you could have dinner with any three people in history, who would they be?
If I could have dinner with any three people from history, easily they would be Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama (because he made history) and Malcolm X. These three men represent African Americans in the most positive ways, and if it was not for them, some things now would be different.

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