The Spartan Brand: Time To Right Some Wrongs

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Blog Entry # 14 (Wednesday, October 29)
Time to Right Some Wrongs

Hello everybody, and welcome to the latest installment of all things men’s soccer.

I apologize for the time between this blog and my last one. School has been working me pretty hard of late and finding time to sleep is becoming an achievement. But anyway, enough of that whining. Let’s talk soccer.

As I write this, we have just come off a bye week, and travel to Denver tomorrow to play Denver and Air Force. The bye week, I believe, came at a good time for us. We just beat Air Force, and I feel we needed as a team a bit of time to recharge our batteries and put our feet up. We have done that and now we’re back. We want to finish conference 6-4. To me, there is no other motivation. We want to have 18 points and hey, who knows where that will take us.

Denver is a place I like playing. The city has a very European feel to it with the weather and the architecture. It’s a nice place to play, but an even nicer place when you win there, and that’s what we are going to get, a win.

Denver are top of the conference right now and they’re there because they deserve to be. I am not one of those guys who looks for excuses. The table never lies and although I believe without a shadow of a doubt in my mind we are a better side than Denver, we sit bottom, they sit top. That’s the reality. It’s up to us starting Friday afternoon to right the wrongs of our season.

I am not mentioning the Air Force game because right now, it’s important we focus on one game at a time, and the most important game is always the next game. That’s Denver.

Go Spartans!

Ed Brand