The Spartan Brand: A Platform From Which To Build

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Blog Entry #13 (Tuesday, October 21)
A Platform From Which to Build

Hello and it’s a much more appeased Spartan Brand that writes to you today. I am more content with life because of the simple fact we have got a deserved and long overdue win under our belt.

Once again it was the goose (Nick Cukar) who notched the only goal in a 1-0 win against Air Force. In reality, the game should have had more goals. We had 28 shots to Air Force’s nine. However, Air Force, due to our own ineptitude at times, did have some decent chances. They failed to take them, and perhaps this is when the fortune of our season changes. Sadly, it might prove too little too late in our aim of reaching the NCAA’s.

Nonetheless, that does not mean our season is not without incentive and motivation. First of all, we want a winning record, secondly, we want 18 points, and finally, I am not prepared for my last five games at San Jose State to be non-events.

I am a very proud man. Losing four out of four games hurt me, and it hurt the side. I had massive aspirations for this year, for myself and more importantly for the team. I am not going to let these five games drift. We as a team need to show our true colours. It would be very easy for everyone to lie down and just let this year pass us by. To me, that is the easy option, the weak option, and it’s not an option for this team.

I want us to finish with 18 points and to finish as high up the conference table as we can, and hopefully disrupt a few teams’ chances on the way. After all, it’s a competitive business we’re in.

We have a bye week this week and have a couple of days off. It is nice to have a few extra days to rest the legs and focus the mind again. I am raring to go this Wednesday.

On another note, my major is broadcasting and on our trip to New Mexico and Las Vegas, I shot the team travelling for my class. My professor liked what I did and it got aired on TV late on Friday night on Update News. If you would like to watch it, I have left the link at the bottom of this blog. Just go to the link and click on a separate link which says most recent Update News WebCast. It’s the last story on the sports! Enjoy!

Go Spartans!

Ed Brand

Link for Update News men’s soccer report: