The Spartan Brand: Time To Show Our True Selves

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Blog Entry #12 (Friday, October 17)
Time To Show Our True Selves

It’s been three games since I last wrote to you. Those three games have been some of the hardest results to take in my whole career. We have lost our first four games in conference and sit firmly at the bottom of the table. It was not meant to go this way. All games have been lost by one goal. All have either been very late goals or overtime goals. Quite frankly it just seems that this year is not meant to be our year. Are we the worst team in the conference? The table says yes...reality says no. We have had our opportunities in all four games and have not taken them. We have paid the highest price for that.

So where do we go from here? It’s quite simple. We go back to the training ground, work harder than we have done before, and prove to the conference in the next six games that we are a very good side and not the worst. To be honest with you I am cut up, as we all are. However, things happen in life that are not fair and this is one of them. It will sort the men from the boys and I am certain that our team has a lot of men, with strong characters. We will bounce back from this.

Our first chance to do so is on Sunday against Air Force. We will approach the game with the same mentality as usual, with a hunger and desire to win.

Go Spartans

Ed Brand