The Spartan Brand: Blog 11 - Moving On

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Blog Entry #11 (Thursday, October 9)
Moving On...

Hello and welcome to my latest blog.

It’s been a few days since I have written to you all, and if you know me, you probably know why.

We very disappointingly lost our first conference game of the year, 1-0 away to Sacramento State. I use the word disappointingly, not because we played poorly, but because we had worked so hard in preparation for this game. We dominated the first 20 minutes, but failed to convert that dominance into a lead. Their confidence rose because of that fact, and we got punished by a late goal. Disappointing.

Sac State, however, will beat teams at home. They are organized, and they seem to have something about them this year that you can’t really put your finger on, but they are getting results, so you have to congratulate them.

After such a defeat, it’s my job, along with the coaching staff, and other senior members of the side, to give the rest of the squad perspective. One game does not break a season. As I write this blog I am sitting in my hotel room in New Mexico on the eve of our game with the Lobos. New Mexico are historically the best team in our conference, and have good players. So there is not a better game to help re-focus the mind and put the disappointment of last Sunday behind us. We fully believe we can win this game, and if we do, Sacramento will be forgotten about. That’s the beauty about this game, and sport in general. There is always the next game.

For this trip to New Mexico and Las Vegas, I am shooting a story that could be aired on Update News (the live news show produced on campus and aired locally). It’s a fun project to do, and will hopefully provide a small insight to the pressures of traveling, with school and soccer. I, along with Doga Gur, will try to do our best to get something uploaded on this page for you guys to watch at home, so keep checking in!!

Go Spartans!

Ed Brand