The Spartan Brand: Blog 8 - A Very Proud Captain

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Blog Entry #8 (Monday, September 22)
A Very Proud Captain

Hello and welcome to another blog!

Well since I last wrote to you we have played two games. We played against Cal Poly and Seattle.

I will begin with the game against Cal Poly. They were a side coming into the game probably tipped as favourites. Nonetheless, Spartan Stadium thanks to our great support is turning into somewhat of a fortress for us. We deservedly took the lead with the Goose (Nick Cukar) notching another goal. We proceeded to be the better team until two set-piece goals either side of halftime put us 2-1 down. Many teams would have felt sorry for themselves. However, I have noticed something with this side and this set of lads; they are incredibly resilient. As a captain that makes me very proud because we never know when we’re beaten. We continued to have chance after chance until we got a penalty kick from Stevie’s (Cordova) persistence and it was left to me to slot home the PK with 50 or so seconds left.

I am the designated penalty kick taker and I have been in that position once or twice before so I was confident I would score. I did and it was a great feeling not for me but for the team as a whole. We ended up tying the game and it was the very least we deserved from a good performance.

On Sunday afternoon we got a win. We beat Seattle 2-1 and it was a tough game and one we are glad to get behind us. Hiroki and Junior scored two superb individual goals and we are delighted for them both. We had other chances to add to the lead but found the post and their keeper too hard to avoid. Seattle was a competitive side who took the game to us and we needed to be concentrated for the full 90.

Moving away from college soccer, to English soccer for a bit, I am a very happy chappy right now. Arsenal sit top of the table and the team I hate the most, Tottenham, sit bottom. Life could not be much better!! This also means that me and Tyler Newman, the only other proper Arsenal fan in the locker room, have the bragging rights right now! Ha!

Finally, we play Santa Clara at Santa Clara on Wednesday night. This is a fixture I love and I know the boys do. We’re very confident we can get a result and we would love it if you guys and girls could make the short trip to support us!

Go Spartans!