December 2 Weekly Football Press Conference

Ron Caragher wants to lead the Spartans on to any playing field during the 2013 bowl season.

Dec. 2, 2013

Below is a transcript of questions asked during the December 2 San Jose State University Football Press Conference with head coach Ron Caragher.

A replay of the video proceedings will be available shortly.

1. Is this a nervous week waiting to hear about going to a bowl game?

2. What would you say you need to improve on defensively if you make it to a bowl game?

3. Where do you think you team falls in the category of fan support?

4. If you do not get a bowl bid, will you think about the games you could have won?

5. Is there any particular bowl you want to play in?

6. What does it say about the team winning six games during a transition phase?

7. What are the chances of Noel Grigsby Jr. returning if you are in a bowl game?

8. Was the moment of you hugging Noel after the Fresno State game a way of you saying that you wanted to get him another chance to play?

9. What would a second bowl game in a row mean in terms of recruiting?

10. How much will you be in touch with (athletics director)Gene Bleymaier about the bowl game?

11. What are your thoughts about the Fresno State and Utah State being in the Mountain West title game?