November 25 Weekly Football Press Conference

The Spartans have their second opportunity to play a nationally-ranked opponent in Fresno State.

Nov. 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 Press Conference Questions

1. What will it take to pull off a big upset this Friday against Fresno State?

2. Do you think the seniors are approaching this game with the mindset that it might be their last game?

3. What do you say the moral of the team is coming off of last week's loss?

4. What do you hope to gain from the players moved from second and third string?

5. Do you think you are a team built enough to stop Fresno State?

6. What is the defensive plan that the team is going for?

7. Does Fresno State having a similar offense help the defense?

8. Do the players talk about wanting to win this game just because it is Fresno or are you just going one game at a time?

9. Do you think this could be a legacy game as a team going to back-to-back bowl games?

10. Do you see the bonds between the seniors and younger players carrying out for future years?

11. What is your confidence level about the team getting into a bowl game?

12. Have you been hearing the guys talk about the win at Fresno State two years ago?

13. San Jose State is 2-0 against Fresno State when they are ranked, is that something you are using to motivate the team?