South Campus Sound Amplification Policy Detailed

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Oct. 31, 2014 South Campus Amplified Sound Policy

The proximity of the University's South Campus to residential and commercial lands and its purpose of hosting large events with a diverse population necessitates a general policy of sound control, that (1) protects the University's policy from the intrusion of sound created outside University structures, and (2) also provides the opportunity for the appropriate use of amplification for activities on South Campus grounds for Athletics events.

It is required that individuals utilizing equipment for amplification recognize the impact of the sound on those for whom the amplified material is not intended.

Also, they must recognize that in certain areas, amplification may cause safety issues and elimination or moving of the amplified noise may be required. Athletics will make decisions regarding noise amplification while respecting all parties involved. Noise amplification will only be permitted in static locations, amplification must be turned off while moving or relocating equipment.

Prior approval must be obtained from the Athletic Department before any amplification of noise is used.

Noise amplification may not be used within 200 feet of any entrance to Spartan Stadium (for such events held there) or within 200 feet of entry ways to other South Campus facilities where events are being held.

To obtain approval for noise amplification please read the following:

All applications should be submitted to Matthew Miller at and should include the following information (name, date, purpose, desired location).

The University will review all permits and respond with approval or denial no later than 48 hours prior to the event. Upon approval a permit will be issued to requester; that must be displayed at all times while on campus.