October 21 San Jose State Football Press Conference

Bené Benwikere's name came up in several points of discussion during the weekly press conference.

Oct. 21, 2013

Transcript of questions from the October 21 San Jose State University football weekly press conference.

1. Do you think this is the healthiest the team has been during the last month?

2. How is freshman running back Thomas Tuckerdoing? Tucker was diagnosed with a concussion that occurred in the Colorado State game.

3. At the halfway point of the season, how do you feel the team is doing and have you changed any goals since the beginning of the season.

4. How helpful is it that Wyoming played Colorado State last week? Can you base your performance against Wyoming's based on game footage?

5. What is the process involved in Thomas Tucker's recovery and is he symptom-free?

6. Wyoming has a high-powered offense. What are you looking to do to stop them?

7. How concerned are you about Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith's ability to run with the ball and make big plays?

8. At the beginning of the season, Damon Ogburn, Jr., went from cornerback to safety. What was the transition like for him?



9. What is the status of wide receiver Jabari Carr?

10. Quarterback David Falesmentioned that the Wyoming game has extra meaning for him. When you have a player that has more motivation for a particular game, how do you keep that player's emotions in check?

11. Bené Benwikere volunteered his time this summer working with children. What are some of the other community service activities that involve the team.