September 30 San Jose State Football Press Conference

David Fales has passed for 300 or more yards in each of the last two games.

Sept. 30, 2013

The September 30 San Jose State University football press conference with head coach Ron Caragher is available here.

A replay is below.

Here is a transcript of today's questions.

1. Is it play-calling or execution that is keeping the team from scoring touchdowns in the 'red zone?'

2. How is (WR) Jabari Carr doing following his shoulder injury and what other players are stepping up at the position?

3. Have you been in a situation before when there were a number of players injured?

4. What is disturbing to you about the last three games.

5. How do you keep the momentum and consistency going through a game?

6. What is Noel Grigsby's status?

7. What is the sense of urgency going into the Hawai'i game?

8. What have you learned about yourself and the team this season?

9. Is the team feeling any pressure?

10. Talk about (LB) Keith Smith and his contributions to the team this season.

11. Waht do you want to see in the Spartans and what obstacles exist that the team must overcome?