September 23 San Jose State Football Weekly Press Conference

Ron Caragher will have the Spartans ready for its first Mountain West Conference game on September 27.

Sept. 23, 2013

Watch the September 23 San Jose State football weekly press conference with head coach Ron Caragher live at 1:00 p.m. (PDT) or on replay.

Below is a transcript of questions from the press conference.

1.) Do you see improvement in the team after watching the footage of last week’s game?


2.) What can you take away from the periods of good football the team has played this season?


3.) What positive things can you take away from the three non-conference games?


4.) At today's practice, it seemed there was a lot of attention paid to the defense.  What are you working on to help them get better?


5.) Are you pleased with how David Fales is progressing?


6.) What is the status of all of your running backs?


7.) Is protecting the perimeter a concern when (quarterback) Chuckie Keeton comes to town with Utah State this week?


8.) How are you feeling about the challenges in the Mountain West Conference?


9.) What is your impression so far about facing power running teams?


10.) Freshman wide receiver Tyler Winston played his first game at Minnesota. What does bring to the team?