Week 3 Press Conference with Head Football Coach Ron Caragher

Sep 9, 2013


Introductory comments from Coach Caragher.

1.) Compare how you felt about the team after the Stanford game with how you felt after the Sacramento State game?

2.) The offense looked more complex against Stanford, is that something that we will see more often this season?

3.) Do you plan to use tight end Billy Freeman more?

4.) Was the short passing game something you planned to use or was it a reaction to what Stanford was doing?

5.) Why hasn’t (running back) Alvin Jelks played more?

6.) How do you plan on stopping Minnesota’s running game?

7.) What is (linebacker) Keith Smith’s presence like on the defense?

8.) As you move forward, can you compare where the team is at after losing to Stanford this year compared to last year?

9.) How do you feel about having a bye so early into the season?

10.) How important is it to have the fans behind you this season?

11.) How important is having a kicker like Austin Lopez to the team?

The next weekly press conference is Monday, September 16. Live streaming takes place at 1:00 p.m. (PDT).