Week 2 Press Conference with Head Football Coach Ron Caragher

The September 3 San Jose State football press conference contents

An introductory statement with a wrap up of the Sacramento State win

1.) How do you feel about this San Jose State-Stanford game being the last one in the series for the near future?

2.) How is the defense preparing for Stanford's power run game?

3.) Since this game is titled the Bill Walsh Legacy Game, what can you share with us about coaching legend and San Jose State alum Bill Walsh?

4.) What are your comments about the San Jose State passing game against Sacramento State?

5.) What is the importance of winning or, at least, putting up a strong showing against Stanford?

6.) What have you seen in David Fales' development since last season?

7.) Can you comment on (running back) Jason Simpson's contributions in the opener?

8.) Is there an update on the status of (running back) Tyler Ervin?

9.) What is the plan to get the wide receivers and tight ends more involved this week?

10.) What will it take to keep (quarterback) David Fales upright against Stanford?

11.) What leads you to compare Stanford to a SEC (Southeastern Conference) team?

12.) How would you describe the Bay Area's coaching ties to the University of San Diego?

13.) Does it help that your offensive coordinator (Jimmie Dougherty) and defensive coordinator (Kenwick Thompson) are familiar with Stanford's brand of football?

14.) Is it a motivating factor that Stanford gets more publicity than San Jose State.

15.) What is your assessment of the short yardage offense after one game.

16.) What is the importance of David Fales as a game manager from the quarterback position?

17.) You went for it twice on fourth down in the Sacramento State game. What is your philosophy about going for it on 4th down?