Mixed Bag At Final San Jose State Preseason Football Scrimmage

Defensive end Isaiah Irving was one of the players to catch Coach Caragher's eyes during the scrimmage.
Aug. 22, 2015

For the final scrimmage of San Jose State University's preseason football practice preceding the 2015 season, Spartan fans watched each of the three phases of the game have its moments.

At the start of the 80-play scrimmage in Spartan Stadium, the offense moved the ball into field goal position twice and kicker Austin Lopez capped off those possessions with field goals of 38 and 46 yards.

Interceptions by defensive backs Andre Chachere and Jermaine Kelly were two of the three takeaways by a defense that seemed to get stronger as the scrimmage progressed through the special situations of goal line plays and the 2-minute drill. Kelly, a transfer from the University of Washington, had the scrimmage's longest play -- a 36-yard interception return for a touchdown.

"We're getting effort and I want to see very good execution on both sides of the ball," San Jose State football head coach Ron Caragher said after the scrimmage. "That might mean an incomplete pass or a stuffed run play. That's a good defensive football play." The defense matched its total of six quarterback sacks from the August 15 scrimmage.

"I want to see the guys competing. I want to see all different types of scenarios so they get it in practice as close to a game as we can get before it actually comes up in a real game situation. It's hard to simulate it in practice. It's nice when it comes up in a scrimmage."

For the second scrimmage in a row, freshman running back Malik Roberson scored a touchdown. His 2-yard run came at the end of a nine-play, 60-yard drive with Malik Watson at quarterback. Roberson gained 27 yards on six carries.



The remaining three touchdowns by the offense came during the goal line drills when the possession started at the 3-yard line. Running backs Thomas Tucker and Brandon Monroe and quarterback Kenny Potter found the end zone.

Potter was the second of five Spartan quarterbacks to see action. He was 4-of-13 with an interception for 55 yards and was at the helm for eight offensive possessions. Joe Gray was at quarterback for four possessions and finished 7-of-17 with no interceptions for 60 yards.

"We have a lot of room to grow (at quarterback). Both of them need to continue to develop to play to our standard," Caragher said about Gray and Potter, the two primary competitors for the starting role in the September 5 opener against New Hampshire.

"I've seen better quarterback play than I've seen from both of our guys today. Today, it was amped up with the blitzes (by the defense), the stadium atmosphere and the crowd. It's a journey. It's not a one-night thing. There will be steps taken backwards, but hopefully, at the end of the day, many more steps taken forward.

All of the Spartans can take their next step forward when practice resumes, Monday, August 24.


Austin Lopez, 38-yard field goal

Austin Lopez, 46-yard field goal

Malik Roberson, 2-yard run (Bryce Crawford PAT)

Jermaine Kelly, 36-yard interception return

Thomas Tucker, 3-yard run (goal line situation)

Brandon Monroe, 1-yard run (goal line situation)

Kenny Potter, 1-yard run (goal line situation)

Game Statistics

Thomas Tucker, 8-33, 1 TD; Malik Roberson, 6-27; Jarrod Lawson, 5-20; Tyler Ervin, 8-16; Darrion Hancock, 2-12; Zamore Zigler, 2-5; Brandon Monroe, 1-1, 1 TD; Chris Dadson, 1-0; Josh Love, 3-(-7); Kenny Potter, 6-(-12), 1 TD.
Joe Gray, 7-17-0-60 yards; Kenny Potter, 4-13-1-55 yards; Malik Watson, 3-4-0-34 yards; Josh Love, 0-1-0-0 yards; Mitch Ravizza, 0-3-1-0 yards.
Tyler Winston, 4-44; Billy Freeman, 3-32; Bailey Gaither, 2-19; Justin Holmes, 1-16; Chris Kearney, 1-15; Thomas Tucker, 1-10; Jourdan Soares, 1-9; Jarrod Lawson, 1-4.
Andre Chachere, 1-0; Jermaine Kelly, 1-36, 1 TD.
Michael Carrizosa, 4-49.7; Bryce Crawford, 2-38.5.
Field Goals
Austin Lopez, 2-2 (38, good; 46, good)