Optimism From The First San Jose State Football Scrimmage

Aug. 5, 2017

Four passing touchdowns, a pair of pass interceptions and two field goals from beyond 40 yards highlighted San Jose State University's first full scrimmage of the preseason.

Quarterbacks Sam Allen, Ryan Johnson, Montel Aaron and Michael Carrillo each threw a touchdown pass. Cornerbacks Brandon Ezell and Dakari Monroe each intercepted a pass in the end zone to prevent the offense from adding more points to the scoreboard. Kickers Bryce Crawford kicked a 42-yard field goal and Jake Lanski added three more points from 47 yards for the offense.

"I would say I'm feeling good about where we are at. On offense, we moved the ball pretty well. We still have some finer points to tweak. We ran the football well. The O-line did a really nice job. The receivers made some plays. Quarterbacks made some throws and the tight ends made some catches. We spread the ball around. Lots of guys got their hands on the ball," said San Jose State head coach Brent Brennan.



"I thought the defense made some incredible interceptions. Dakari and Brandon Ezell both had some nice plays (on their interceptions to prevent touchdowns). I thought the defensive line early really got going, was in the backfield and was disruptive. I'm encouraged by what I'm seeing from our defensive front," Brennan said about the defense.

In less than 90 minutes, the Spartans had 89 plays from scrimmage not including four punts, two field goal tries and several plays nullified by penalties. Still, offensive coordinator Andrew Sowder thought the tempo could have been faster.

"We were inconsistent, had some false starts and (illegal) procedure stuff we have to clean up. I think we can clean up the tempo and go a little bit faster," says Sowder. "This is our first time to go through a live game situation with coaches in the box and coaches on the field, using the head sets and the whole process. I think we can make it cleaner and faster."

The Spartan offense racked up 538 yards, 357 of them in the air. There were four pass plays of 35 or more yards, mainly attributable to yards after the catch. Freshman Austin Liles was the busiest receiver of the ay with six catches for 69 yards including a 37-yard pass from Montel Aaron. Freshman Antwaun Ayers had touchdown catches of 45 and 4 yards. Veterans Tre Hartley and Thai Cottrell also were on the receiving end of a pass play of at least 40 yards.

Brandon Monroe, who played fullback and tailback in the scrimmage, had the longest run of the day - 33 yards. He led all Spartans with six carries for 55 yards.

Coach Brennan also pointed out the play of new long snapper Harrison Hoffman and kicker s Bryce Crawford and Jake Lanski.

"Special teams was light today, but I was encouraged by our long snapper (Harrison Hoffman) and our placekickers did a great job. That stuff takes timing and a lot of work. We're getting some of the early phases of our schemes in. Guys are taking it serious and working hard at it," the San Jose State coach said.

The Spartans return to practice, Monday, August 7, at 9:00 a.m. The season opener vs. #21-USF (South Florida) is Saturday, August 26. Tickets are available by calling the San Jose State University Athletics Ticket Office at (408) 924-SJTX or online at www.sjsuspartans.com/tickets.

Scoring Summary
Jeremy Kelly, 6-yard pass from Sam Allen (Bryce Crawford kick)
Antwaun Ayers, 45-yard pass from Ryan Johnson, (Jake Lanski kick)
Bryce Crawford, 42-yard field goal
Austin Liles, 37-yard pass from Montel Aaron (Jake Lanski kick)
Jake Lanski, 47-yard field goal
Antwaun Ayers, 4-yard pass from Michael Carrillo (Kick blocked)


Scrimmage Statistics
Rushing (Running backs only -- 38 for 173 yards, no touchdowns)
Brandon Monroe, 6-55; Malik Roberson, 6-36; DeJon Packer, 6-33; Tyler Nevens, 6-25; Sage Ritchie, 3-18; Jamar Williams, 2-4; Jerrell Alberty, 4-2; Zamore Zigler, 5-0.
Rushing (Quarterbacks only -- 9 for 8 yards, no touchdowns)
Sam Allen, 3-23, Terrell Carter, 1-2; Ryan Johnson, 1-2; Terrell Carter, 2-(-5); Montel Aaron, 2-(-14).
Passing (24-42-2 interceptions-357 yards, 4 TDs)
Sam Allen, 9-13-1-93; Montel Aaron, 4-8-0-90-1 TD; Josh Love, 3-7-1-65; Michael Carrillo, 4-6-0-56-1 TD; Ryan Johnson, 3-4-0-49-1 TD; Terrell Carter, 1-4-0-4.
Receiving (24-357 yards, 4 TDs)
Austin Liles, 6-69, 1 TD; Thai Cottrell, 3-71; Antwaun Ayers, 2-49, 2 TDs; Billy Humphreys, 2-22; Josh Oliver, 2-19; Tre Hartley, 1-46; Ray Surry, 1-28; JaQuan Blackwell, 1-22; Bailey Gaither, 1-8; Brandon Mitchell, 1-7; Jeremy Kelly, 1-6, 1 TD; Jackson Parks, 1-6; Tre Walker, 1-4; Sage Ritchie, 1-0.
Brandon Ezell, 1; Dakari Monroe, 1.
Michael Carrizosa, 4-167-41.75 avg.