San Jose State Football Pro Day To Include 16 Spartans

March 8, 2017

Sixteen (16) San Jose State University football players primarily from the 2016 team will be participating in the program's annual Pro Day, Tuesday, March 14, starting at 11:00 a.m. in the Koret Athletic Training Center located at the corner of 7th and Humboldt Streets.

The Pro Day is for representatives from National Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL) and Arena Football League teams to evaluate recent college seniors interested in pursuing a professional football career.

Players interested in a pro career began training with San Jose State University Athletic Performance Head Coach Gary Uribe after the 2016 football season.

"The guys that stayed here and trained with me started in the beginning of January. So, we are three months in. It's about 2.5 to 3.0 hours per day five days a week," said Uribe.

"We break down into a linear periodization -- training for the events they are going to compete in. We're doing speed technique and speed work. We're running, jumping relative to the vertical (leap) and the broad (jump) and the bench press among many other things. We do back squats, power cleans, and explosive and ballistic movements that facilitate the training they do on the field."

"We've tested periodically. We did a baseline test in week one and tested two other times since the first week in January. I've seen remarkable levels of improvement in everything across the board."



Pro Day starts with players being measured for height, weight, hand size and wing span. The first two physical tests are for vertical leap and bench oppress repetitions. These activities take place in the Koret Athletic Training Center.

At approximately noon, all participants will be in CEFCU Stadium, Home of the Spartans, for the standing long jump, 40-yard dash, three different shuttle runs to test physical agility, and position-specific drills. Check out coverage on Facebook Live with radio play-by-play announcer Justin Allegri.

Last year's San Jose State Pro Day attracted 48 scouts from 25 NFL and CFL teams, former San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly, three offensive coordinators, and seven position coaches. San Jose State alums David Diaz-Infante, an assistant offensive line coach with the New York Jets, and Pittsburgh Steelers running backs coach James Saxon were among the assistant coaches at Pro Day.

There is no charge to attend the Pro Day activities in CEFCU Stadium. Parking is available in the Park & Ride Lot across the street from The Koret Athletic Training Center and CEFCU Stadium. Those utilizing the parking lot must purchase a permit for the day.

San Jose State Players Scheduled To Participate in 2017 Pro Day

Mark Amann, LB Tim Crawley, WR Cedric Lousi, DE Shane Smith, RB
Dominic Barnes, DB Billy Freeman, TE Alex Manigo, LB Epie Sona LB
LeVander Brown, TE Isaiah Irving, DE Nick Oreglia, DE Christian Tago, LB
Deontae Cooper, RB Dontonio Jordan, WR Kenny Potter, QB Eugene Taylor, DE

Best San Jose State Football Pro Day Marks since 2012

Vertical Leap Long Jump Bench Press
Duke Ihenacho, DB, 2012, 39.5" Peyton Thompson, DB, 2012, 10'5' Nicholas Kaspar, OL, 2014, 30
Forrest Hightower, DB, 2015, 38.0" Manu Ngatikaura, DB, 2012, 10'5" Wes Schweitzer, OL, 2016, 28
Noel Grigsby, WR, 2014, 37.5" Forrest Hightower, DB, 2015, 10'3" Travis Raciti, DL, 2015, 27
Akeem King, DB, 2015, 37.5" Akeem King, DB, 2015, 10'2" Keith Smith, LB, 2014, 26
Cleveland Wallace, III, DB, 2016, 37.0" Ronnie Yell, DB, 2013, 10'1" David Tuitupou, DL, 2014, 26
Noel Grigsby, WR, 2014, 10'1"
40 yd. dash 5-10-5 shuttle 3-cone
Chandler Jones, WR, 2014, 4.34 Peyton Thompson, DB, 2012, 4.15 Michael Avila, WR, 2012, 6.66
Akeem King, DB, 2015, 4.35 Manu Ngatikaura, DB, 2012, 4.16 Manu Ngatikaura, DB, 2012, 6.69
Michael Avila, WR, 2012, 4.39 Lamon Muldrow, RB, 2012, 4.21 Chandler Jones, WR, 2014, 6.78
Peyton Thompson, DB, 2012, 4.44 Cleveland Wallace, III, DB, 2016, 4.25 Damon Ogburn, Jr., DB, 2014, 6.78
Brandon Driver, DB, 2013, 4.45 David Tuitupou, DL, 2013, 4.28 Forrest Hightower, DB, 2015, 6.82
Hansell Wilson, WR, 2016, 4.28