Strong Running Game Highlights 1st Spring Football Scrimmage

Jarrod Lawson gained 20 yards on four carries and caught a pass for 16 in the first spring practice scrimmage.

March 8, 2014

Six running backs combined to rush 26 times for 177 yards in the first San Jose State football scrimmage of the 2014 spring practice session.

Sophomores Thomas Tucker and Jarrod Lawson, the Spartans' top two rushers a year ago, led the way. Tucker led all ball carriers with 52 yards on six carries. Lawson chipped in with 20 yards on four attempts.

"It was a real good day. What it perfect? No, and I didn't expect it to be perfect. First time - stadium, people, officials and all that. There will be growing pains," said second-year head coach Ron Caragher. "The guys did a real good job of focusing and there were a lot of plays being made. I was excited about that. For the most part, I liked that there was enthusiasm and good energy on the field and good execution.

"All in all, I was pleased. The 1's got work; the 2's got work and the 3's got some work at the end. All in all, it was a good first scrimmage.

The offense scored twice in the 56-play scrimmage that concluded practice #7 of 15 this spring. In his first drive of the scrimmage, senior Blake Jurich and wide receiver Tyler Winston connected on an 8-yard scoring play. Junior Joe Gray and wide receiver Hansell Wilson teamed up on the scrimmage's longest play of 35 yards for a second touchdown by the offense. Wilson and freshman Michael Tate each had a team best three receptions.



Jurich was 4-of-8 for 36 yards; Gray, 10-of-14 for 100. With Malik Watson going 1-for-2 and Jason Habash completing the two passes he threw, the four San Jose State quarterbacks were 17-of-26 for 157 yards and two touchdowns.

The San Jose State head coach also addressed the quarterback position and the competition for the number-one job.

"...Just the scrimmage today, Blake came out the first series and drove the offense down the field for a touchdown and had a couple of conversions along the way. That's what it is about - moving the chains, being productive and putting points on the board. Blake did a good job of that.

"Joe, in his first series, wasn't as effective, but he bounced back the second time he was up and had a couple of nice throws. When he hit Hansell (Wilson), I thought he made a real nice throw to Hansell and a great catch by Hansell. And, Joe had a nice run, too, to move the chains.

"...They both played well."

Kicker Austin Lopez converted a pair of PATs and a 38-yard field goal. Freshman Zach Steinberg, who also is competing for the punting job, made a 25-yard field goal try.

The defense did recover one fumble for the only turnover of the day.

San Jose State resumes spring practice Monday, March 10 at 9:00 a.m. and has sessions planned for Wednesday, March 12, and Friday, March 14.

March 8 Scrimmage Statistics


Thomas Tucker, 6-52; Ray Lomas, IV, 3-42; Alvin Jelks, 3-38; Jarrod Lawson, 4-20; Stephen Rogers, 3-12; Brandon Monroe, 5-9; Osirius Burke, 2-4; Quarterbacks, 6 attempts.


Blake Jurich, 4-of-8-0-36 yards, 1 TD; Joe Gray, 10-of-14-0-100 yards., 1 TD; Malik Watson, 1-2-0-6 yards.; Jason Habash, 2-2-0-15 yards.


Hansell Wilson, 3-46, 1 TD; Michael Tate, 3-16; Tyler Winston, 2-17, 1 TD; Jarrod Lawson, 1-16; Jourdan Soares, 2-20; K.C. Pearce, 1-11; Chris Dadson, 1-11; Sam Tomlitz, 1-8; Luke Sinnott, 1-6; James Nunley, 1-4; Daniel Bradbury, 1-3; Brandon Monroe, 1-(-5).


Austin Lopez, PATs 2-for-2; 38-yard FG (good). Zach Steinberg, 25-yard FG (good)