Charles A. Becker Foundation Pledges $120,000 Toward New SJSU Baseball Stadium

May 11, 2017

San José, Calif. -- The Charles A. Becker Foundation, a charitable foundation that focuses on youth development, is donating $120,000 to the San José State University Baseball Stadium capital campaign for a new on-campus facility.

"The Charles A. Becker Foundation has a long-standing reputation of supporting its community and encouraging youth initiatives. We are proud to partner with their organization for our future baseball stadium. With its generous philanthropic support, we hope other Silicon Valley Foundations and corporations will share in and appreciate their interest in San José State University," says Blake Sasaki, a San Jose State University senior associate athletics director and the department's sports administrator for baseball. The new baseball stadium is part of San José State University's South Campus plan to transform 62 acres of under-utilized land into sports and athletics fields for competition, practice and play.

Established in 1996 and based in nearby Burlingame, Calif., the Foundation seeks youth-focused projects with multi-layer community benefits for boys and girls. Named after Charles A. Becker (1915-2000), whose family was a co-founder of what is known today as Benjamin Moore Paints, Mr. Becker took great interest in helping young people with ability and/or talent, but were lacking in resources.

"Building this stadium, together with a commitment to the community, creates a place that currently doesn't exist nearby for organized and structured youth development. Perhaps secondary to the immediate purpose, it becomes primary as a lift and opportunity to the neighborhood where it's located," writes Eric Pleschner of the Charles A. Becker Foundation.

"(The) SJSU Spartans Baseball Stadium hits all the targets meaningfully. (It is) An opportunity to be part of an exciting project viewed ostensibly for college players and spectators, though intrinsically connected to personal development for multiple age groups to identify and expand their full potential upon being built for many generations to come."



"The Charles A. Becker Foundation has built a 20-year legacy helping youngsters. I love what the Foundation is about and the fact that they want to support our stadium project means a great deal to the program and me. This partnership will benefit countless young athletes, not just those in our program, and help them build a new legacy," says San José State baseball head coach Jason Hawkins.

When completed, the new on-campus baseball stadium would be located at the corner of 10th and Humboldt streets.