San Jose State's Justin Allegri Featured In "MLB 15: The Show"

Justin Allegri spent 40 hours recording audio for "MLB 15: The Show" last fall.
April 30, 2015

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Fans of San José State athletics and "MLB®15 The ShowTM" will hear a familiar voice when playing the popular video game this baseball season. Justin Allegri, the Voice of the Spartans, hosts an in-game radio show in the PlayStation 4 iteration of the game that was released March 31.

"MLB® The ShowTM" is the longest-running officially licensed Major League Baseball game series for the PlayStation® platforms. The 2015 edition is the 10th in the yearly series that began in 2006, and is the first to feature an in-game radio show.

When users play "Franchise," "Road To The Show" and "Season" modes, Allegri's radio segment, called "Inside the Show," airs at the beginning of each new day and discusses recent scores, notable performances, team news, milestones, records, standings and more. "Inside the Show" is only available on the PlayStation 4 version of the game due to the amount of data it requires.

To record the audio, Allegri traveled to San Diego Studio, a branch of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios that houses production of the "MLB® The ShowTM" franchise. From late August to early December of last year, Allegri spent eight different five-hour sessions reading through thousands of names, numbers and other phrases to be digitally stitched together by the "MLB® The ShowTM" team.

"The experience was amazing. It's like nothing else I've ever done," Allegri said. "I'm so used to doing live broadcasts, and going down there and having the ability to work with a director, think about what you're saying, work through what a sentence should sound like and have multiple takes, that was a different experience. It's more voice acting than it is broadcasting, so it was a lot of fun.

"Just being down there to see how a video game like that is produced is a tremendous experience. Growing up, you play video games, you watch commercials with all these major league players and all these big-time names, but you don't really know how it's produced. To be inside and watch that whole process was a lot of fun, and the honor of being in the game was one that I wasn't expecting but I'm pretty happy to be a part of."



At San José State, Allegri serves as the play-by-play voice of Spartan football and men's basketball in addition to hosting and co producing San José State's official athletics TV show, "Spartan Sports Central." He also oversees all Mountain West Digital Network broadcasts and occasionally calls women's basketball, baseball and softball games.