San Jose State Athletics Branding and Licensing

San Jose State Athletics Branding and Licensing's mission is to protect and promote the use of the San Jose State University name and logos. The Licensing program ensures that the University's logos are used in a proper manner to uphold with the University's vision of class and integrity.

Licensing Guidelines

Any person, business, or organization desiring to use San Jose State trademarks or verbiage on any product, this includes premiums, promotions, and advertising must contact the San Jose State Licensing Director.

Campus Organizations and Departments

Campus Organizations and/or Departments must apply for permission to us the trademarks by filling out the Campus Licensing and Trademark Waiver.

Photography and Video Policy

Photographs, film/videotape, drawings or audio descriptions made or taken by any credential-holder may be used solely for reporting the athletic event as a news item. Any secondary commercial use of photographs, film/videotape, drawings or audio descriptions of the athletic event or its participants made or taken by the credential holder or the accredited organization to which this credential is issued is prohibited without prior specific written permission of San Jose State University and Spartan Sports Marketing.

Becoming a Licensee


Any person, businesses or organizations that wish to produce items with the San Jose State logos must first become a licensee. To become a licensee, you must complete a licensing agreement with the University's licensing agent, Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP). You can contact SJSU's licensing rep, Jared Harding, by telephone at (765) 404-1770 or by email at Additional information about the licensing process can be found at


San Jose State Athletics
Licensing Director
1393 South 7th Street
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: 408.924.1697
Fax: 408.924.1291
Michael Beaubien

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.