Academic Services

Core Values

1) Collaboration
- Building connections among university partners
- Facilitating open and frequent communication and information sharing
- Understanding and acting within the limits of our professional expertise
- Utilizing appropriate campus resources for referral/consultation

2) Confidentiality
- Adhering to Federal & State laws and SJSU policies governing students' rights
- Refraining from accessing information beyond our job responsibilities
- Abstaining from repeating privileged information without the consent of concerned parties

3) Customer Service
- Working from a proactive, interventionist, solution-oriented approach
- Providing prompt, courteous, and efficient assistance
- Empowering students and educating constituents
- Being accessible

4) Education
- Valuing the higher education experience
- Affirming the priority of academics and intellectual habits

5) Equity
- Providing equal quality service to all student-athletes
- Determining service priority by individual student needs

6) Integrity
- Abiding by the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A) Code of Ethics
- Promising only what we can provide within our value system
- Consulting with others when faced with ethical decisions

7) Student Advocacy
- Conveying and reinforcing concepts of fairness and accuracy in students' affairs
- Respecting each student's right to be treated as an individual
- Placing each student's well-being above all else

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