Meet Ariko Iso In This Week's Edition Of Behind The Shield

March 29, 2018

A pioneer in the world of sports and in the field of athletic training is right here at San Jose State University - assistant athletic trainer Ariko Iso.

Iso earned her master's degree through the university's athletic training program and is universally acknowledged as the first female full-time athletic trainer in the National Football League. She worked nine seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers (2002-10) and was an assistant athletic trainer for the Steelers' Super Bowl XL and XLIII winning teams.

After six years as the football head athletic trainer at Oregon State, she is back at San Jose State with the men's basketball team and the cheerleading squad as her primary responsibilities.

We close out Women's History Month with this edition of Behind The Shield featuring Ariko Iso.

Tune in next Thursday for another edition of Behind The Shield.


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